F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Tulip Mania

Episode 6 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) kicks off with Thyme’s mother closing a business deal. She tells Tia to take care of ‘collateral damage’ (Gorya) once back to Thailand, as she doesn’t like change.

At the flower shop, we learn that the tulip symbolizes first love. Kaning and Boss ask about Ren who’s now been back for a week. In flashback, Gorya remembers Thyme immediately marking her as his territory with Ren.

Gorya comments that Ren seems different. Kaning suggests she come up with an excuse to chat with him, to see if he really has changed. Then over social they spot Ren canoodling with an unknown girl.

At a school presentation, Thyme embarrasses Gorya by calling her out to meet him from the podium. After spouting his annoyance at not being able to reach her, he forces a new phone on her. It’s so he can get in touch with her for their F4-style date.

Gorya heads up to the roof for space but finds Ren. She tells him he seems different and denies dating Thyme. Ren suggests they date behind his back, but then laughs it off as a joke. He asks whether he’s returned from France too late.

From the flower shop, Gorya’s again talking about Ren. At the mention of Thyme, she shows his non-stop flow of texts about their upcoming date. Helpfully, Kaning suggests they make it a double date to reduce the pressure.

The guys can only gape as Thyme bargains with Gorya over the date.

Via video, Thyme immediately protests a double to the zoo. But says he’ll go if she asks nicely. And tells him he’s cool. And meows. As the guys snicker, Ren comments that he’ll go with her if Thyme doesn’t want to, so Thyme quickly agrees.

As Gorya vents her frustration with Thyme, Tia shows up to meet her. Gorya talks about Ren having changed and Tia notes that important things, like love, change you. She tells Gorya to let her know if there’s any trouble.

On her way home, Gorya spots Ren gazing at Mira’s billboard. She asks about France and he tells her how great it was. Then, he turns the tables and asks about her. Is she the same? As he is not. She runs away without responding but leaves her phone behind, like a glass slipper.

Face down in her room, her brother holds out a videocall from Thyme asking where her phone is. She claims to have not been out anywhere or with anyone. They reconfirm their date, bickering as ever. Afterwards, Gorya asks her bro about his new phone – it’s from Thyme, of course.

Thyme drops by Ren’s house to get help with his zoo date wardrobe. He asks about France but Ren dodges the question, saying he’ll pick a shirt for him. Thyme finds Gorya’s phone on the couch and Ren notes that she’d dropped it when they’d met earlier.

At the zoo, Kaning’s date Tesla, immediately makes a bad impression and just keeps on descending. Thyme manages to hold his water, for the most part.

Thyme and Gorya enjoy a moment alone on their double date.

Gorya and Thyme have a nice date together, with Thyme admitting he knows they’re not a couple but that he’s still hoping. But when talk turns to her phone and she lies about meeting anyone, Thyme feels the pinch.

He then overhears Tesla complaining about Kaning and noting he wished he’d met Gorya first. It only takes one lewd comment to set Thyme punching. He and Gorya argue over the outbreak, with Thyme walking off in anger.

At home, Ren receives a package. Elsewhere, Kaning tells Gorya she and Tesla broke up. And at poolside, Thyme is still wound up, throwing garden furniture. He says he’d rather go back to the way he was, so the guys push him into the pool to cool down.

As consolation, Kavin and MJ explain how relationships work, convincing him to make up with Gorya. Tia overhears and texts Gorya, asking her to be patient with Thyme. But of course, Gorya’s phone isn’t working. At his house, Ren opens the mystery box to find his missing sketch book.

At school, Gorya catches news that has her running to find Ren. He tells her about Mira and feeling worthless. In tears, she confesses her feelings too, so he ends up consoling her.

Meanwhile, Thyme’s mother prepares to head back to Thailand. She explains that tulip mania has been a rapid change in demand. As she holds a photo of Thyme and Gorya, she notes that change is always dangerous. The higher something rises, the harder it crashes, and the more dangerous things get.

Ren and Gorya console each other.

From across the way, Thyme observes Gorya and Ren’s embrace.

The Episode Review

The tulip, a symbol of unforgettable first love, is this week’s theme. And demand is ramping up as a newly blossomed Ren puts the moves on Gorya. But is Thyme the only one taking it seriously? Maybe not. The relationship between love and change also leads us to where things are going with Thyme’s mother – indicating she won’t have any sympathy (or empathy) for a potential love match for her priceless son.

As Ren mourns his love for Mira he tries to block out his feelings in a manner counter to his nature. Rather than his typical head-in-the-sand, he seeks balm in others. But acting so differently he’s like an alien in a Ren suit. Dew Sutivanichsak pulls this off brilliantly, looking both lecherous and uncertain in turns.

There’s a wonderful first love moment at the zoo too, where Gorya and Thyme talk about her not having agreed to being his girlfriend. Thyme admits that he knows she hasn’t but that he’s still hoping. It’s so sincere, for a second Gorya looks convinced. But in their moment of honesty, she also doubles down in her lie about meeting Ren. She doesn’t want to cause a fuss. And still doesn’t know how she feels. But the clear falsehood gets to Thyme.

There’s less from Kavin and MJ this instalment, but Kavin is growing on us. His teaching moment is great. Both guys seem to have made their choices about the love triangle, but of course, still see F4 as the most important thing. As the story progresses, they continue to have respect for Gorya as a person – interesting considering their own relationships with anyone outside the huddle.

As for Win Opas-iamkajorn as Kavin, he’s a bit more natural this week. Maybe he’s reached a comfort level with the character or perhaps we’re so sucked into the story we’re just accepting it. Let’s go with progress for now, shall we?


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