F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Glass Mask

Episode 5 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) drops us at the school billboard filled with photos of Gorya working as a nightclub hostess. Thyme loses his cool but Kavin and MJ realize someone is messing with Gorya purposefully. They uncharacteristically decide to get involved.

Gorya and Kaning try to infiltrate the club to investigate, but Kavin intercepts them, sending the kids away. Elsewhere, MJ tries to console Thyme by creating a party around him, while Kavin checks out the source of the incriminating photos. His questions immediately draw attention, with security giving a friendly warning – then a less friendly one.

Kavin puts down a slew of bouncers and suggests the club manager provide information on who’s framing his friend. Thyme continues to get drunk and more ornery at MJ’s club.

Hana shows up, chasing other girls from Thyme’s side. MJ has eyes on the scene but when he’s distracted, Hana drags Thyme away. She cuddles up to a passed out Thyme but as she leans in for a kiss, Thyme mumbles Gorya’s name.

The next day at school, Queen Bee Jane is sledge-hammering Gorya’s desk in a rampage, saying it’s for Thyme. She gets his permission by text to reinstate the red card, sharing it with the school. But it’s Hana with Thyme’s phone.

As Gorya is lured to the stadium, MJ and Kavin figure out Hana’s game. While at a hotel, Hana’s creepily waiting for Thyme to wake up. When he does, he doesn’t remember a thing but one glance out the window at a Ferris wheel has him thinking of Gorya.

Hana makes a pass at Thyme but it’s a hard no as he searches for his phone. She tells him that she’s been studying him for a long time, can understand him more than anyone. Then her crazy becomes fully untucked, culminating in a sharp object standoff.

Thyme tells her he can understand her, but that Gorya is the one. He manages to get his phone back and seeing the school thread, runs to Gorya’s aid.

Near the stadium, it’s insanity all around as the violence continues to ramp. Kids gang up on Gorya and burn the motorbike she’d borrowed from Kaning. Thyme steps in with a handbrake turn, saying he believes Gorya and carrying her away.

Thyme sneaks Gorya into his house, thanking the staff who help him. They believe they’ve misheard. In a reveal of insight, Thyme talks of impulse control and wanting to improve himself – he even admits to not quite understanding his attraction to Gorya but doubles down on his feelings for her as she falls asleep on his lap.

The next morning, Thyme’s already on the move as Gorya wakes to a new uniform and several red motorbikes from which to choose. He and the guys clean up the mess and Kavin lets her know that Hana is leaving school.

Gorya tells Hana she can’t forgive her but believes their friendship was real. The Means Girls approach Gorya and Thyme steps in with an announcement that Gorya is his girlfriend. But she doesn’t remember having agreed to that. As the couple proceeds in their bickering, in walks Ren, freshly returned from France.

The Episode Review

Welcome to StalkerFest, otherwise known as Ep 5 where Hana has revealed her true colours. But just as Thyme points out, the whole situation has been an opportunity for growth. All of our key characters have gone beyond mere observation or being carried along by the wind. Each – Gorya, Thyme, even MJ and Kavin – are making decisions with intent.

In fact, Kavin and MJ seem to be getting more heavily involved than the F2 of other versions. With the Korean Boys Over Flowers, for example, the guys seemed to be more amused spectators (oh, that guy…) – unless there was an opportunity for a fight.

Here, the Sherlock and Watson act is entertaining as well as fruitful as they figure out what’s happening to Thyme and use their infinite means to fix it. At the same time, it also shows the guys as more close-knit than they sometimes appear in their determination to be cool. They understand Thyme’s feelings – on a different level to their own – without having to ask.

We’re specifically loving the intensity of MJ, which seems more vested and responsive than previous versions of the character. Nani Hirunkit is no handsome hat stand. Conversely – and you may disagree here, so feel free to sight examples in the comments – I’m waiting to see more from Win Opas-iamkajorn as Kavin.

Next to some of the other characters, he’s slightly less enmeshed in the role, where it feels like ‘acting’ rather than ‘Kavin.’ Candidly, I want to believe. The tight script offers a great opportunity. And we’re at episode 5 of 16 so there’s still time for him to bring the intensity. We’re crossing our collective fingers.

On the other end of the scale, Bright Chivaaree is becoming more and more believable as a solid romantic lead, pulling us in – it’s all in the eyes, isn’t it? Additionally, as a character, Thyme is showing his growth and maturity as he realizes his feelings beyond like/don’t like – black/white.

The fact that he can empathise with Hana is huge – in a circumstance where he could simply be angry. An episode or two ago, he’d hardly be having a quiet conversation, would he? But as an actor, it feels sincere. Well done on bringing us along in the evolution, both in the writing and the acting. Who’s ready for the next ep?


Are you watching F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers? What do you think about the character development we’re seeing? We’d love to hear your estimation. Feel free to drop your comments below. 

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  1. Hi Shalom,
    I completely understand your conflict. We’ve got some great characters here :). I’m with you too on preferring this over the K version. Absolutely, it had its merits but I’m finding this one more compelling as they all seem a bit more real. I’d love to hear why you prefer this version too.
    Many thanks for reading and for commenting!

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. It’s interesting to hear you site the Korean ‘Boys Over Flowers’ as, whilst I love K-drama, I found that one tough to watch. IMHO, ‘Meteor Garden’ 2018 is the one to beat. The K version was a bit too screechy and OTT – it seemed way too unrealistic, bursting the ‘beliveableness’ bubble. ‘F4 Thailand,’ on the other hand, is hitting a more realistic vibe (although I do hope the bullying isn’t quite so rough in Thai schools). Maybe I need to watch the K version again… In any case, please do site some examples of why one version is better than the other – I’d love the opportunity to rethink.
    Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Honestly after watching this l forgot about the korean version 😂no offense the korean version was amazing but this l just happened to like this one more ..a lot more
    So far it’s been great and can’t wait to watch more
    I’m a bit nervous because of Ren’s timing
    He just came back just as Gorya and Thyme were getting close …l love Ren more than the others but of course l want Gorya and Thyme together . They are perfect for each other 😌

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