Extended Family – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Consequences of Sleepovers” Recap & Review

The Consequences of Sleepovers

In Episode 7 of Extended Family, it is Julia and Trey’s turn to watch the kids at The Nest. However, Julia is busy solving a crisis and Trey has to go alone. The house promises to be mostly quiet until Grace declares that she wants to have a sleepover. Her best friend, Katie, is coming to the house. Since Trey is in charge, he has to make the final call. Without knowing the context, he agrees to it. Jim asks him to enquire more into the request to figure out the exact details.

Thankfully for Trey, the sleepover will not prove to be problematic. Julia is actually dealing with a sensitive health issue with Bobby. He has a kidney stone and is undergoing a surgical procedure to remove it. But they haven’t told anyone else in the family. Bobby is quite relaxed and it looks like there won’t be a problem…until there is. When Julia explains to him how the procedure will get done, Bobby locks himself in the washroom, refusing to come out.

Katie comes to the nest with a crisis. Derek, her erstwhile boyfriend, has dumped her. She falls into Grace’s arms, crying inconsolably. However, Grace’s reaction is mature. As Jim and Trey try to listen in without letting her know they’re eavesdropping, Grace explains to Katie that she has to be strong. Going back to Derek isn’t the solution. Expressing that she is upset due to the breakup isn’t a sign of weakness. In the middle of this rebuilding job, Derek climbs into the house through the window. 

Both men are surprised to see him, as is Grace. But he has a surprising motive to visit them. Derek declares his long-suppressed feelings for Grace, saying that he has felt this way since they were kids. Grace is taken aback by this revelation. Derek’s expression is sincere and now she is in a quandary about what to do.

Jim and Trey are eavesdropping. Grace enters the other room and talks to Jim about it, privately. She is confused about what to do. Derek is a great guy, they get on very well, and all the girls in the school have a crush on him. But would it be fair to Katie if Grace starts a relationship with Derek? What would it do to their relationship? Jim finds himself unequipped to guide her. But he still tries to work through his awkwardness. Jim’s argument is simple: people are awful and what points them to do the right thing are values.

They guide us about when not to do selfish and impulsive things that might cause harm to others. Grace takes it on her chin and decides to reject Derek’s proposal. Julia manages to get Bobby out after threatening to lose her marbles at him in the hospital room. They come back home, with Bobby being reminded that he must refrain from getting “excitable” for the next few days. 

The Episode Review

Finally, Extended Family gives us an episode that is actually funny. A lot of wrongs are righted; Jim isn’t unbearable and shows his dexterity as a father. The storyline invites an occasion for him to prove his worth and he isn’t made to look like a complete idiot. In fact, the subplot is structured quite well to put Faison and Cryer together in the same room navigating a tricky situation. 

Their mix of subtlety, hesitance, and concern is quite enjoyable. The duo complement each other in an enabling way, something we would love to see going forward. Abigail Spencer still looks woefully miscast in her role, however. Julia is, quite simply, unfunny and does not contribute a whole lot to whatever is going on. 

The writing is much better this episode, with impactful dialogue like when Grace consoles Katie. That being said, the other subplot with Bobby and Julia is insignificant and very poorly executed. Episode 7 is a mixed bag but a decent showing of how good the show can be.

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