Extended Family – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Consequences of Status” Recap & Review

The Consequences of Status

Jim, Trey, and the kids are stopped by a police officer en route to a Dua Lipa concert. Jim is overspeeding by a lot and the officer is ready to write him a ticket…that is until he sees Trey in the driver’s seat. He is a big fan and gives Trey a basketball that he has handy in his police car to sign. Trey does the honours and they are able to escape without a ticket. The kids are enamoured by this fame display. After they get back home, they rally around him to make his signature sundaes.

However, all of this doesn’t sit well with Jim. He confides in Julia that Trey’s status is poisoning the kids’ minds. She sees no such red flags and asks him to relax. Back at their house, Julia mentions what Jim said to Trey. The Celtics owner is insulted by the statement. But even more so, he wanted Jim to talk with him directly if he had any issues. All of this happens as Trey shows off his $ 3000-night pyjamas, even changing a couple of pairs after they get spoilt.

Bobby, Jim’s father, who is using the shower at The Nest for its pristine “water pressure,” tells Jim not to worry. As a kid, Jim created a lot of trouble for his parents. He was like Grace and Jimmy, crazed in his own world. He asks Jim to trust his influence on the kids, and that they will do the right thing. Sadly, they don’t. At the school’s basketball game, Grace introduces her friends to Trey. They talk about his private jet but Grace assures Trey that she will bring different ones on the ride.

Jimmy tries to leverage Trey’s status by asking his coach to play him on the team. He even promises him that Trey will get the coach a job on his training roster. Trey realizes that Jim was indeed right. His status is poisoning the kids’ minds and they are getting out of control. But he doesn’t tell anyone else. Instead, on the ride back in his Bentley, Trey litters ferociously on the road. As a child, his father’s car was pulled over once because he did the same thing.

However, Julia is miffed. She asks him to stop on the side of the road and then gets out. Jim advises Trey on how to approach her and what to say. Trey follows the advice and admits his mistake. But Julia allays his worries, saying that as parents, making mistakes is part and parcel of the responsibility. He is once again cited by a police officer for parking in a “no standing” zone. This officer isn’t a fan of Trey’s team and decision-making with a few players. He ends up writing a ticket, showing the kids that fame doesn’t get you out of every trouble. 

The Episode Review

Even though Jim turns out to be “right” by the end of the episode, does anyone buy it? He is still the punching bag in the show with no depth or dimensions to his character. It is brutal what’s happening to him, including getting emasculated in front of his kids and ex-wife, who become party to the humiliation in the episode. Even when Trey is humbled, there is a positive spin to it… “Oh, he is a self-made man; his fame is a byproduct of his success.” 

The prejudice is eye-opening. Jim remains a sob loser with no viable talents or dexterity throughout the show. The episode saw the kids suddenly changing paths and embracing Trey’s fame as their own. The big-time talk is woefully out of context and it is one of the disadvantages of having every episode transpire in an isolated setting.

On one hand, Bobby says that Jim needs to trust his influence on the kids, and on the other, they completely do the opposite. This dichotomy reflects really badly on Jim and Julia. But for some reason, no one bats an eye by the end. What even is the point? 

The horribleness of Extended Family gets worse with each episode. There is no handle on the sheer stupidity that the writers will spew to complete one more episode.

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