Everything’s Trash – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Family is Trash

In episode 6 of Everything’s Trash Season 1, Phoebe and Jayden are done. Their last fight was the last straw, showing Phoebe that Jayden doesn’t want to listen to her.

So, Phoebe, Malika, and Michael start hanging out without Jayden and Jessie. They have an incredible time at first, doing things Jayden and Jessie would have never been up for. But when Malika and Michael drop out on their hangouts, Phoebe gets bored and becomes a hot mess.

Without Jayden to ground her, she gets drunk alone one night, shows up outside Hamilton’s house, and digs through his trash.

Meanwhile, Jayden enjoys some solace from Phoebe, because he can finally get stuff done around the house. But it turns out that he has too much free time now. Jessie thinks he’s getting a bit too involved and is making things worse.

Malika, Michael, and Jessie decide something has to be done to get Phoebe and Jayden to make up. So, they end up locking the siblings together in an escape room.

They start out competitive, seeing who can solve the riddles first. Jayden gets into especially, while Phoebe strikes up a conversation with an employee. When she discovers he’s from their favorite TV show, she calls Jayden over.

The man shares that he’s only working here because he’s broke, and needs to pay the bills between acting gigs. Jayden says he knows about some grants and could hook him up. While talking, they run out of time to solve the puzzle. Luckily, the employee gifts them with an amulet that will get them past the room anyway.

When they leave, Jayden realizes the riddle would have led them to speak to the employee anyway. That’s a lesson learned that he should listen to Phoebe more. The two of them make up, and Jayden insists that he’ll listen to what she has to say about Hamilton.

The Episode Review

Sometimes it feels that Everything’s Trash is just grasping for any semblance of plot. And while it’s fine for a sitcom not to be so plot-heavy, that’s because it should have situation comedy to fall back on.

In this show, however, the situations and the comedy are often contrived. Here, Phoebe and Jayden have a fight that we barely get to witness. They struggle for a single day. And they make up with cookie-cutter platitudes.

This felt more like a filler episode than anything. Hopefully, next week, we can get back to some Phoebe/Hamilton and Parakeet drama.

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