Everything’s Trash – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Catching Feelings is Trash

Episode 5 of Everything’s Trash Season 1 begins with a chance encounter between Phoebe and Hamilton. Phoebe apologizes for running away from him last time, but Hamilton doesn’t want things to end there. He asks to take her out for an expensive dinner.

Phoebe agrees, but she’s never really gone on a date with someone she’s had sex with before. Luckily, her listeners are able to provide advice, and Phoebe’s drama spikes the podcast’s engagement numbers.

Still, Malika and Phoebe aren’t getting any raises from Parakeet Media. So, Jessie and Michael step in to help her negotiate.

Michael gets a list of compensation numbers for Parakeet Media’s other employees. It turns out that the company has been lowballing them compared to the other podcasters.

This data in hand, Malika calls a meeting with her bosses. She tells them she and Phoebe deserve a raise with how much they are growing every day. Parakeet says they’re excited to make an offer–but it’s just lip service. All they can offer is access to the company gym and a free tote bag.

The fight isn’t over for Malika yet, however. She says she and Phoebe are going to negotiate even harder for the next season. And Limelight, a company with huge podcasts, just followed them on social media. Maybe there’s something even bigger on the horizon for them.

Meanwhile, Phoebe grabs dinner with Hamilton and ends up really enjoying herself. But she later mentions to him that what they are doing is just a precursor to casual sex.

Hamilton flat out disagrees. He criticizes her for saying that; he wants to see if they have something “real.” Phoebe, in turn, claims he’s trying to make her feel bad about her lifestyle.

Later, Phoebe decides to call on some of her old hookups, but she suddenly can’t find anything to like about them. 

She confesses to Jayden (without giving Hamilton’s name) that she’s met a guy she likes, but she doesn’t know what to do about her feelings. He tells her to go for it.

Taking her brother’s advice, Phoebe shows up at Hamilton’s door to tell him she wants to try dating. He pulls her in for a kiss.

Phoebe gets really comfortable dating Hamilton–except for the part where she has to avoid Jayden. But Hamilton hates keeping their relationship a secret. “Part of being real is being honest,” he insists.

So, she finally caves and tells her brother about them. He isn’t happy, but she’s buoyed by her confession. Phoebe comes to Hamilton’s door to tell him she told Jayden, since he wanted her to be truthful in their relationship. But when he’s joined at the door by his young daughter, Phoebe realizes she wasn’t the only one being dishonest.

The Episode Review

Everything’s Trash has a light airiness to its tone–which doesn’t always hit right, considering the show often tries to be real and gritty with its conflict. This is another episode where big problems are waved away with cheeky jokes and trite platitudes, and it’s deeply unsatisfying.

The drama is picking up, however. Malika is a great character who finally gets some spotlight (though she’s unfortunately always accompanied by Michael), and Phoebe’s relationship with Hamilton is gaining traction, as we’ve been promised.

I think some changes are being teased for the future, as well. Will Phoebe and Malika leave Parakeet Media? (We can hope.) And is Phoebe going to accept Hamilton after he omitted the fact of his daughter’s existence? (Maybe not for a while.)

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