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The Relapse

Episode 7 of Everything Now starts with Mia and her friends at a movie theatre watching a horror movie. To Mia, what’s scary is different from everyone’s perception. She finds changes scary because she is in an accidental relationship. Becca is dating a new guy, and Cam is dating Mia’s secret crush . Her family keeps tabs on her diet.

A few days later, Cameron asks  Mia to find out if Carli feels the same for him. Cam likes Carli and wants to know for sure they are on the same page. Mia agrees to talk to Carli but regrets it immediately. This has to be one of the worst ideas Cam has ever had. It won’t end well!

As the day carries on, Alison and Will corner Mia and insist on planning her birthday. She agrees on the condition they will throw her a chill birthday, but has Mia met these two? They immediately leave to create a vision board while Mia ponders if she is ready to be cupid for Cam. Has she forgiven him for telling her parents about her anorexia?

She heads home and finds Alex hanging with his girlfriend. They invite her to join them, but she refuses. She goes to her room, skipping dinner. 

The following morning, we look deeper into Cam’s home life. His dad is always travelling and is rarely home. Cam has taken to exercising to get through the loneliness he feels.

On the other hand, Will worries that Theo might be ready for the next step in their relationship. He starts pulling back, telling his friends he thinks Theo is too obsessed with him.

Alison and Will convince Mia to allow them to throw her a big party, and she accepts since she is trying to be a good friend. At school, Mia tries to talk to Carli about Cam, but the conversation ends up being about Mia and how she is coping with everything.

Mia opens up to Carli, who tries to teach her to play guitar. Alison interrupts and requests to have a little chat with Mia. She hands the birthday girl a fancy dress to wear to the party. Alison wants more than a fling with Mia and invites her to a family vacation. Carli is going through a stressful situation due to her mom’s alcoholism. 

In the meantime, Cam overhears a conversation that Becca had an intimate moment at the sports hall with her new boyfriend. He confronts her, but Becca stands her ground. Cam needs to get his act together; why is he pursuing Carli if he is not over Becca?

At the end of the day, Mia heads home to find her dad is around. He is home to water the plants in the garden. Mia’s dad surprises her with a lovely birthday gift, but things go south after discovering Rick’s girlfriend chose the parcel. She gets upset, asks Rick to leave, and later throws food she was supposed to eat in the dustbin. 

The big day arrives, and Mia’s friends are elated. She wakes up with birthday wishes messages. Mia feels bored trying to figure out a birthday lunch where some family members are absent. Mia recalls her father noticing something strange with her before the anorexia situation worsened. At the time, Mia’s parents believed her when she said she was okay. In particular, Viv thought Rick was being a tad melodramatic. While Viv tries to show Mia affection and care by gifting her a pair of heels, it’s evident that they still have a strained relationship.

The gang meets at their usual spot, dressed to the nines as legendary icons of the century. They head to the party venue, and Mia is surprised by how big the party is. She feels overwhelmed as she doesn’t know most of the people Alison invited.

Elsewhere, Becca is angry at Cam for calling her a skank. Cam wants to apologise but has no idea where to start. At the same time, Theo overhears Will discussing his obsession with him. Theo feels hurt and walks away dismally. 

Concurrently, Mia ticks two of her bucket list experiences on her birthday: fancy dress and clubbing. She sees a photo on Alison’s Instagram account captioned “brave anorexia survivor.” This irks Mia, who thinks people attended the party out of pity. She confronts Alison and says she made the whole party about her.

Seeing Mia disappointed, Carli takes her to a private room, where the two kiss. Cameron watches them and laments that Mia used this chance to get to Carli, whom Cam is dating.

They get into a huge fight, and their hidden tension boils to the surface. Cam calls out Mia for being a terrible friend, saying she never checks up on him even when she knows his family situation. Mia accuses him of ruining her life and dipping . She also says he is too obsessed with his image and is dating Carli to get back at Becca and for clout.

He clarifies that he was being a good friend and that the people who let her down were her parents. He took the necessary measures to save her, but her parents ignored the issue until it worsened.

Mia calms down and admits she felt she was failing even at being sick when her parents didn’t take measures to help her. Cam leaves as Alison arrives, wondering what happened. Cam subtly tells her that something happened between Mia and Carli.

Episode 7 ends with Mia drunkenly walking back home. She realises things always go south for her because of her struggles and actions while trying to navigate difficult times. Mia is scared that she might never overcome her life struggles. She walks into the house and recalls her dad finding her passed out below the stairs. She enters the toilet, and it looks like she has given up on her treatment.

The Episode Review

Well, as expected, things went awry at the party. I am glad that Cam called out Mia for only focusing on herself. I get that Mia has and is going through a lot, but so are the people around her. While Cam did his best to save her, he is not responsible for her actions. She needed help, and he tried to get her some. Mia has no right to be angry at him for helping. What else was he supposed to do? 

This Mia and Carli thing was bound to blow up anytime, and Alison and Cam were the casualties. Yes, Alison messed up with the party, but her intentions were good. On the other hand, Mia shouldn’t have kissed Carli even though she was angry at Alison.

Lastly, Cam, Becca and Will need to decide what they really want. They seem to have a lot of things they should be telling their significant other, but they are not communicating. Cam needs to apologise to Becca. Will needs to apologise and be honest with Theo.

We are moving to the last chapter of the show; let us see what will happen after Mia fully relapses. Will she get help promptly this time?

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