Eva Lasting – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Sorrows of Young Werther” Recap & Review

The Sorrows of Young Werther

Martin warns his friends against getting involved with Luisa as episode 8 of Eva Lasting. Despite his pleas, his mother decides to put Luisa in his school. Eva invites Luisa to the club, but Martin is not happy about it. He feels Luisa’s bonding with Eva will corrupt her. He even warns Eva about not trying to change Luisa and not teaching her any bad habits. Eva agrees but also asks Martin to let Luisa navigate these years herself. The next day, they go to see Casanova. Eva gets a little upset when Camilo asks if she is in danger.

They go into the movie owing to Eva’s quick thinking and bending of the rules (bribing the usher). Camilo sits and thinks about what will happen next with him and Eva and decides to use Luisa’s flirting as a weapon. He duly recognizes what a fatal risk it might prove to be if Martin catches on. Martin meanwhile drags Luisa outside when the sex representation goes too far. But Luisa threatens to let her go otherwise she will tell their mother about Martin’s pornographic movies.

That night, Camilo salvages a table from the garage to make his room more writer-like. Eva gives a note from Luisa to Camilo the next day. She says Luisa likes him and that Camilo likes her back. Eva tells him another book’s name, The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe that he should read. Adult Camilo accepts he had noticed a hint of annoyance in her voice while giving him the note. Camilo reads the book in class. He still believed he had a chance with Eva. Luisa’s letter was a love letter indeed. Camilo decides to use jealousy to get his elusive love. This was perhaps his last chance to be with Eva.

He writes back to Luisa and she seems happy. Camilo’s plan is proceeding well according to him. But there came a roadblock in the form of intense public protests against the government’s neoliberal economic restrictions. They undermined the work of the unions; marches filled up all the streets. At home, Ana suspects Jose is having an affair. She makes it clear she can tolerate anything but infidelity. Jose also informs her that he is planning on selling the taxi owing to the deteriorating economic conditions. Camilo can see it on Ana’s face in the morning and he promises to help out with the money.

Camilo asks Eva about her offer to lend him money. 2000 pesos isn’t a problem for Eva as she promises to bring it the next day. She also asks Camilo to find another go-between as she’s tired of doing it. Rodrigo tells Camilo that other boys have asked her for money too. When Eva asks others to go to the march, Martin calls her a “rich girl” who does not have the slightest idea what the working class go through. He takes Luisa with him and Eva takes the others to the march. Camilo sees Jose at the march. When he asks him why hasn’t he told this to Ana, Jose says since people have died at marches like these, Ana will get worried unnecessarily. But he tells her the truth at Camilo’s request.

Ana is a little upset but more relieved. She promises to help out Jose and see this phase together. The next day, the police arrive at school and Eva mysteriously misses the first class. She tells Camilo it was an update on the kidnapping case. He asks her for help with Luisa. He is ready to take the “next step” with her. But Eva says she cannot help him and that they must behave like grown-ups. To stop the protests, President declared martial law. And that is when Ana says she wants to come with Jose to the marches. Owing to Alvaro’s brazen display in the class, their group has to take on Thus Spoke Zarathustra, one of Nietzsche’s toughest books as an assignment.

They try to go over it a the club but Eva calls Camilo to her house over the telephone. In a hurry to get out, Camilo promises his friends he will read the book and write the essay for everyone. But she called him because Luisa and Eva were working on the essay. Eva leaves the house and the two alone, promising this is the last time.

The Episode Review

When did Camilo start seeing into the camera like Jim? That has to be surely inspired by The Office. It is kind of nice to see that flavour being added to the narration. While it has been entertaining, Adult Camilo’s story of Eva has hit a few bumps along the way. There was some space for a political overview of the era in the form of the marches in this episode.

It was uncharacteristic but certainly a welcome addition. One must not forget that the working class is the first one to get struck down by worsening economic conditions. Eva Lasting has evaded smearing the “class” flavour on the storytelling but this was in that vein.

Camilo’s fantasy and conflict are apt to depict the mind of a teenager. The show has perfectly encapsulated how we imagine things in our heads and take solace in the fictional results. Accepting reality becomes a challenge and we sure see that with Camilo’s characterization. Eva might never be in love with him but a part of him will always think it possible. The power of love!

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