Eva Lasting – Season 1 Episode 9 “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” Recap & Review

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Camilo walks into the room. Although he doesn’t show it, he is heartbroken that Eva does not care that he is with another woman as episode 9 of Eva Lasting starts.

Luisa is nice to him, and discusses her essay and how Nietzsche made his wife choose between him and his best friend. She ended up choosing the latter. Luisa asks Camilo if he believes loving two different people at the same time is possible. But he rejects that idea. And then says to Luisa that she is his eternal love, as he would have said to Eva. Before they get physical, Luisa asks Camilo if he loves her. He says he does and they proceed to have sex.

Martin comes looking for his sister at Eva’s house. Eva finds him outside and makes an excuse. She tells Luisa and Camilo, scaring the latter. The girls come down and Camilo stays in the room. Martin is a little suspicious and goes upstairs to check with the excuse of going to the washroom. He almost finds Camilo but Eva saves the day with a timely intervention. While in the room, Camilo reads a telegram from Eva’s father that bothers him. On the bus ride, Camilo feels dejected. Not only did he lose his chance with Eva, he also deceived another person. He cannot study the entire night. Luisa even calls him and tells him she never thought she would love someone as much as she does Camilo.

Martin overhears some of the conversations but Luisa covers it by taking Eva’s name. Her mother takes Martin’s side. The next day in class, we learn that the Acuna twins used Ana’s help (for payment) to complete the essay. But Camilo wasn’t able to do it. He blames the situation at home for it. Camilo lies that Jose cheated on Ana and she found out.

Martin confesses his suspicions to Camilo. He feels someone is playing his sister. But Martin thinks it is Alvaro. Luisa thinks they should tell everyone about them but Camilo puts the breaks on her ambitions. Eva has clearly influenced Luisa with her feminist ideas. Camilo is able to stall her successfully but he knows he is trudging on dangerous ground. Camilo confides in Rodrigo about what he did. As he is discussing options, Martin picks a fight with Alvaro when he sees her having a laugh with Luisa. She does not say anything and walks away.

Eva advises Camilo he should tell Martin the truth. He will be upset for a while but eventually, he’ll be okay. Camilo says he does not love Luisa anymore but Eva takes offence. She is bemused that Camilo only realizes this after sleeping with Luisa. Camilo chooses not to say anything at that moment.

He was ashamed of what he did. Out of guilt, he writes a new letter to end things with Luisa. Eva thinks it is cowardice to end it with a letter but Camilo takes it back. Eva offers her house to Camilo to end things. As the boys play games at the club, Camilo decides to leave and go to Eva’s house to confront Luisa. Martin tags along and suspects one of Eva’s friends to be Luisa’s boyfriend. In a moment of reckoning, Martin accepts he loves Luisa too much to see her heart. All he has left in the world are his sister and mother.

Camilo reaches Eva’s house, saying to Martin, who is a few blocks away, he will surprise the secret lover. Eva asks Camilo not to be cruel while breaking Luisa’s heart. When he says he wants to end things because of Martin, Luisa tries to encourage him. But Camilo does not say this while looking into her eyes, convincing her he is lying. She says he does not love him as much to fight for it. And when she asks if it was before they did it, Camilo says the truth. Luisa is heartbroken and leaves crying. She concedes to Eva that she isn’t as strong as Eva is at handling such things.

Luisa feels the world has ended for her. Martin watches her leave the house in tears and his worst fears are confirmed. Camilo still cannot say to Eva why he broke up with Luisa. Camilo lies to him on the bus. But Martin is not ready to listen to him. The next day at knitting class, when Camilo waves at Luisa, she breaks down crying and goes to the bathroom. Eva and Martin follow her. but she does not open the door. Martin comes back to class and opens her bag. He finds Camilo’s love letters, which Luisa was going to return that day to Camilo. Martin does not who wrote them and shouts at Luisa from one end of the corridor to the other to task who did.

The Episode Review

If the girls really knew why Camilo chose to sleep with Luisa, they will have to tell us as well. This is the first time in the series we do not quite know why he did that. Sleeping with Luisa might be the worst decision he has ever made, given how Luisa reacted when he broke up with her. Camilo came out as the toxic person in this exchange. It is a character-altering moment that might change our perception of him going forward.

It is exactly the kind of situation Martin was trying to prevent Luisa from getting exposed to. His brotherly love was hidden deceptively under the garb of feminism by the show but perhaps he was right all along. The makers have undertaken rigorous commentary in the background that must not go unnoticed.

Jose and Ana are a phenomenal pair to watch on the screen. Their personalities represent an entire start of Colombian society that gets a place in our discourse. Some things did not go as expected but this episode was reasonably good.

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