Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 1 “Voulez-Vouz Coucher Avec Moi?” Recap & Review

Voulez-Vouz Coucher Avec Moi

Episode 1 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Emily out for a run. She’s not concentrating, hung up on her passionate lovemaking sesh with Gabriel. Now that he’s staying in Paris, and Camille wants to talk, she’s reeling.

Emily has a meeting at Savoir with her, but on the way Gabriel’s nonchalance (and light flirting) to the whole affair doesn’t help. He does, however, get jealous when Emily mentions going to St Tropez with Mathieu.

Camille shows up at the office. She tells Emily she’s convinced there’s something going on with Gabriel and she’s determined to figure out what. This does nothing to help Emily’s guilt. She tries to deflect, pointing out that he’s busy with the restaurant, but Camille knows there’s more. Unfortunately, Sylvie figures it out at lunch, chuckling over Emily’s attempts to deflect the truth.

The thing is, Emily is still with Mathieu but her feelings obviously lie elsewhere. For now, they fall with supporting Mindy. She heads to the club where she performs for everyone. Unfortunately, without papers she’s working for tips. There are also some toilet jokes in here too, because that’s the level of comedic wit we’ve resorted to, before Emily walks Mindy home.

At work the next day, things take a turn for the worst. Emily’s attempts to help Julian backfire, inadvertently ending up taking on his Pierre account. This means war, and Julian promises to get retribution for this. Emily takes this hilarious suitcase, with Pierre’s grinning face on, back home and begins to pack up her gear. She prepares to head out on her weekend romance with Mathieu.

In Emily’s absence, Gabriel starts to prove himself to Antoine, showing off his great cooking skills. After getting some excellent feedback on his dish from Normandy, he rings Emily and admits that he can’t stop thinking about her. Emily retorts back that she cares about him but that their meeting was a mistake,

Mathieu happens to be at the cabin door though and hears the whole thing. Just as the train is about to depart he leaves, unwilling to play second fiddle to a cheater, as the train takes off and Emily leaves for St Tropez alone.

The Episode Review

Emily in Paris returns with Emily no closer to learning French, still caught up in awkward love triangles and now on her way to St Tropez alone. Whether we’ll actually see her attempting to integrate into the culture this season is left up for debate but with Mathieu out the picture, it leaves room for the simple but formulaic love triangle with Gabriel and Camille to become the central focus.

This is a light, breezy drama but it remains to be seen whether this season can improve over the last. The inclusion of toilet humour is a disappointing choice, while the story so far seems to be settling predominantly on the aforementioned cliched triangle. Let’s see if this one improves over time.

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