Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 2 “Do You Know The Way To St Tropez?” Recap & Review

Do You Know The Way To St Tropez?

Episode 2 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Emily typically not making an effort to learn any of the French language. On the train she speaks English to the conductor, loudly and clearly as if that’ll make a difference.

Thankfully Camille rings but immediately quizzes what’s happening with Mathieu. Emily spins another web of lies, but before she can elaborate, Camille decides to head down and meet her in St Tropez. Emily is joined by Mindy, who agrees to join the pair for a girl’s trip. Their mission now turns to getting Gabriel and Camille back together.

At the hotel, Emily runs into a big fashion icon called Gregory. He loves the Pierre suitcase and decides they should collab over it, snapping numerous pictures and helping to blow up social media. Now, the thing is Gregory is actually Pierre’s arch-nemesis so all of this is a big ploy to throw shade at him.

Interestingly, it’s Julian who sticks up for Emily when Pierre throws a fit, pointing out her naivety and how she’s new to this Parisian world. Julian convinces Pierre not to make a big deal of this, and to play their hand a lot more strategically against his nemesis.

Emily decides to work while in St Tropez, heading to a local restaurant and wanting to see Camille’s brand, Champere. The owner has been keeping it in the cellar, far away from guests given it’s hideous taste. Thankfully Emily is on hand to reveal it’s supposed to be used as a spray rather than a drink.

When Mindy and Camille show up at the hotel, they make a plan to head out to a party. Once there, Camille meets Romain and the pair have clear chemistry together. Gabriel rings Emily while a group photo is about to be snapped but Emily plays her hand well, making it out that he’s ringing to check on Camille.

As Emily continues to spin her web of deceit, she runs into Sylvie at the beach bar who not only reveals that she’s married, but also warns that Emily is going to have to face the music about her cheating sooner or later.

After a wild night of partying, Emily wakes up to a message from Camille. She’s struggling and believes she’s lost Gabriel. Emily does her best to reassure her but it’s clear that Gabriel’s feelings lie elsewhere. Still, it’s a minor blip as the gang head out partying again, this time onto a yacht with Gregory.

The Episode Review

After the antics of last episode, Emily alone in St Tropez could have been a great opportunity to throw her in the deep end and actually try to learn some of the French language. She’s been living in Paris for a while now but hasn’t bothered to learn any of the language. She doesn’t even know the French for “do you speak English?”

Instead, we’re back to the tourist showcase as Emily hangs around St Tropez with Mindy and Camille, mixing her work endeavours with personal issues. Her lies are growing bigger and she continues to deceive Camille, trying to play matchmaker, acting as her best friend while also sleeping with her ex boyfriend. Of course, this simmering cocktail of deceit is bound to blow up sooner rather than later and for that alone, this is keeping season 2 watchable.

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