Emily In Paris – Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


The season 1 finale of Emily In Paris ends with quite the cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for season 2. Before we get there though, the episode itself begins with Emily meeting Mindy in the morning. It turns out she’s got a prestigious gig singing in a drag club.

Midway through celebrating though, Emily heads back to meet Mathieu down by the docks. As she walks away, Mindy suddenly has quite the crowd surrounding her and it appears she seems to be quite the household name now.

Taking in the sights, Emily enjoys a boat ride down the River Siene before Mathieu takes her high up to see the beautiful view of Paris. Emily decides to forego her own rules about mixing business with pleasure and kisses the man back.

Midway through though, both of them are interrupted by Savoir messaging requesting Emily back in work. While Luc delivers a presentation, Emily rudely messages Matthieu while Julien suddenly stands up and declares that Pierre has cancelled his show.

With Paris Fashion Show coming up, Emily is fired from her job on the back of what happened with Pierre and the dress. Apparently she isn’t actually fired though, she just needs to show up once or twice a week. Or so says Julien. With the boys promising to have her back, work draws to an end.

Camille and Gabriel fight outside the apartment where it’s revealed that Gabriel has found an affordable restaurant in Normandy and he’s moving. When Emily shows up, Camille comments how much of a good friend she is. On the back of this, Emily speaks to Gabriel and says her goodbyes.

Thanks to Luc and Julien, Emily is allowed to stick around at Savoir for now. Only, she suddenly receives a request from Pierre to head up to his apartment. Grey Space have bought out his venue but Pierre has come up with a great idea. With Sylvie tagging along, Pierre gains inspiration from Emily, who agrees to try and find another venue for them to use.

Mindy later shows up at Emily’s door though, admitting that her visa has run out and she’s now there illegally. With all of her stuff in hand, she bundles into Emily’s apartment. Gabriel shows up too, admitting that he and Camille have broken up. Gabriel invites Emily along to the restaurant for his final night and Mindy convinces her friend to make the most of it.

The next day Emily’s big plan comes to fruition, including an extravagant showing outside. The runway is audaciously outside Grey Space’s venue and the large crowds scream as the flamboyant dresses are shown off. These dresses – hilariously inspired by Emily – showcase a statement about fashion in general with words like “basic” and “tacky” written across them.

Everyone descends on Gabriel’s restaurant that evening – including Antoine and his wife, Pierre and Matthieu. On the back of the successful show, Antoine speaks to Gabriel about his investment at the restaurant.

The night eventually draws to a close and Emily makes a last-ditch decision. She heads back to the restaurant late at night and finally hooks up with Gabriel for real this time. After sleeping together, Emily admits that they “never had a chance” together and agree to go their separate ways.

In the morning, Sylvie decides against firing Emily and agrees to keep her onboard. After celebrating her good news, Emily prepares to head off to Saint Tropez with Mathieu. As she walks back from the restaurant, she finds Gabriel sitting with Antoine. It turns out he’s invested in the restaurant and Gabriel is staying after all. Camille messages Emily and asks to speak to her on the back of what’s happened.

The Episode Review

Yet again Emily faces another problem resolved easily within the same episode. This tired trope has been used constantly across the season and reinforces that Mary Sue persona I mentioned in the full season review. There’s very little drama or tension here and worse, the love triangle completely fizzles out at the end and teases to spill over into season 2.

The romance subplots don’t fare much better, with Camille and Emily teasing a big fight but nothing ever happening. She and Gabriel conveniently break up long enough for Emily to sleep with him but it still feels a bit sneaky and deceptive of her to do this.

That’s to say nothing of Emily’s French – or lack thereof. Emily’s language skills are completely disregarded midway through the third episode and never discussed again. Given what a massive deal she made about the feminine and masculine words, this really didn’t amount to anything by the end given she’s stuck with English.

That’s to say nothing of the cliffhanger ending either, which leaves the door open for a second season and doesn’t really resolve anything by the end. Aside from the fashion and outfits, Emily In Paris doesn’t have a lot going for it. There’s definitely glimpses of Sex and the City here but it never quite hits the same level of melodrama which is a shame.

If this is renewed for a second season I do hope the language issues find their way back as this is easily where the show’s strengths lay early on. Until then, Emily In Paris bows out with an entertaining enough finale.

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