Emily In Paris – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Grey Space

Episode 9 of Emily In Paris begins with Emily herself pitching the champagne spray campaign to Sylvie and Luc, who both agree to get involved. Before she can continue, another American client asks to meet.

Emily heads out to Ralph Lauren’s with this woman and they comment how nice it is not to speak French. As they enjoy their food, one can’t help but find the irony in this initial dialogue exchange given Emily’s constantly spoken English all season.

Anyway, that evening the group head out to the art gallery with Mathieu. Camille comments how cozy he’s being and wonders whether there’s a future relationship in the wings between him and Emily. As she heads out alone with him, Gabriel and Camille continue to face problems in their relationship.

Emily asks Mathieu for a favour – that favour being getting Pierre involved in this upcoming auction. Eventually he agrees to work with the “AFL” (American Friends of the Louvre.) A big group called Grey Space arrive too and Emily asks to work with them. They refuse though but a slight hiccup with a delayed plane sees Emily back in the limelight again – this time modelling a dress by Pierre Cadault himself.

She looks absolutely stunning in this dress and the bids come flying in thick and fast. Things suddenly turn surprising though when Grey Space win the bid…and pelt her white dress with grey paint-bombs. It’s a publicity stunt of course, one that completely blows up on social media and makes frontpage news too.

The next day Emily confronts Grey Space over what happened. She tells them to make amends and they agree to collaborate with Pierre for a new street-wear brand of clothing. When Pierre finds out though, he’s less tan enthused but she tries to make him see reason. It doesn’t seem to work though and on her way out the door, Emily finds herself face to face with Mathieu. He leans in and kisses her.

The Episode Review

Can Emily do no wrong? She’s single-handedly making things happen in France and across the season it’s only been exacerbated to now see her collaborating with 2 of the biggest names (at least in this show) in fashion and having them work together.

The romance subplot we’ve been teased all season is still here but not really progressing that far at all which is a shame. In essence, the show feels torn between its fashion and romance plots with the latter suffering from a distinct lack of tension. With the finale up next, all eyes now turn to see exactly how this one is likely to end.

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