Elite – Season 5 Episode 7 “Toxic” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Elite Season 5 starts with the investigator questioning Samuel about Benjamin and his ties to Armando. Specifically he talks about the material that could be used to blackmail Benjamin, given the pair were trafficking data on powerful players.

In exchange for gathering evidence and helping the police, Samuel is offered the chance to go free. However, Benjamin would be the one arrested instead. Will he play ball?

Meanwhile, Ivan confronts his father about what happened to Patrick. He also speaks to Patrick in the locker room afterwards too, pointing out that he’s poisonous and manipulative. I mean, Ivan’s one to talk here. Anyway, he eventually demands Patrick stay out of his life.

Fast forward to that fateful night and we see Samuel crawling on the floor away from a bloody Patrick, who calls out for him to help.

Back at school, Rebe tells Samuel about the SIM card Mencia mentioned earlier and encourages him to try and find it. This would be the evidence he needs to take Benjamin down. So Rebe turns to Caye and encourages her to do what’s right for Samuel. Part of this plan comes from distracting Benjamin, which is easier said than done when they’re both invited over for dinner that night at his place.

At school, Phillipe turns away from Isadora, pointing out she can hide behind thick layers of glitter and make-up but that won’t fill the void in her life. Oof.  Phillipe is not going to date her in this current state and despite her being sober for a day, that’s not enough for Phillipe to fully trust her.

Isadora decides to hide her pain through lavish gifts and crazy getaways, including a mental party in Ibiza where she arrives via helicopter. Phillipe sees her messages and realizes she’s in danger of flying off the handle. He immediately arranges to be flown out to see her.

During the evening’s dinner at Benjamin’s, everything takes a turn for the worst. Patrick shoves Benjamin when he tries to take the phone off him. This violent outburst sees the pair talk in private, with Patrick obviously still unhappy and hurt about what’s happened with Ivan. He bemoans falling in love and becoming conflicted with Cruz in the middle of this.

While they talk, Cayetana breaks into school after-hours, complete with a cap and dark clothes, to find the SIM card. She’s not alone though, as Rebe also looks for it back home. Mencia eventually decides to give it up, as Rebe admits she loves her and just wants to do what’s right for Samuel. She doesn’t want to see an innocent man go to prison.

In the middle of all this, Benjamin receives a call from school. Cayetana has been spotted rooted around in his office. At the same time, Isadora ends up getting completely messed up on drugs and winds up with a bunch of guys back at her apartment, getting high as a kite.

Phillipe shows up at the door to take her away but Isadora convinces Phillipe to actually fight for her if he wants to help. So he does just that, taking a dive and heading inside the room.

In the middle of all this drama, Ivan leaves a voice message while he’s wasted, revealing how much he cares for Patrick and can’t get him out of his head… on Ari’s phone. Oof.

Patrick meanwhile, heads over to Cruz’s and admits he doesn’t want everyone hating him. Eventually the pair sit together and kiss.

Over in Ibiza, Phillipe starts getting involved in the dancing and partying. Isadora, predictably, ends up collapsing on the bed as the absolute banger (Cryptic Speech – Umek) plays in the background. Unfortunately, with her passed out the three guys realize she’s unconscious and decide to take advantage of her, putting a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Phillipe is semi-conscious against the wall.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Elite takes its eye off the ball and instead turns toward Isadora and a subplot involving Ibiza. While visually pleasing (and featuring some storming dance tracks too), the chapter loses sight on the actual mystery itself, which is relegated to a fetch quest for a SIM card and a dinner party gone wrong.

That’s not to say the episode isn’t without its merits but given we’re on the verge of the season finale here, this show doesn’t seem to be building much momentum. Hopefully we’ll be graced with a dramatic finale to follow.

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