Elite – Season 5 Episode 6 “Can’t Buy My Love” Recap & Review

Can’t Buy My Love

Episode 6 of Elite Season 5 begins with Benjamin instructing Samuel on how to play this case. He’s told to keep cool for now, with Benjamin promising to pay for his bail later on down the line.

Understandably, this is a big talking point at school as Patrick scoffs at Samuel’s trusting nature in the wake of his snakey father. The girls contemplate what to do, with Ari rounding up the students and admitting they need 25000 euros to get him out. Phillipe offers to pay.

Benjamin finally reveals what’s going on with the extra SIM card. Now, it would appear that this was actually hidden by Armando in Mencia’s phone. After all, this would be the last place Benjamin would look. Interestingly, Mencia has actually made a copy of the SIM and the incriminating documents against Benjamin, which is probably for the best given her father isn’t exactly a saintly figure.

When Benjamin fumbles over whether he’s actually going to help Samuel out or not, Mencia speaks to Rebe about the SIM card. Ari visits Samuel and promises she’s going to do her best to get him out. As she weeps down by the docks, Ivan spies her from afar and heads off to talk to her. While there, he realizes how much she cares about Samuel. Ivan decides to help her out, wanting to make Ari happy.

During the father/son lunch, Ivan reveals that he’s interested in both Ari and Patrick, going on to break the news that he and Patrick had sex. Now, given Cruz is interested in the latter, that goes down like a lead balloon. Off the back of this, he refuses to help out with the bail money for Samu.

So the kids do what they do best and decide to set up a big party, with all proceeds going toward the bail money to get Samu out. And just before they all attend, Isadora chooses not to take drugs… at least to begin with. The night’s event is all about bidding on prospective dates, creatively called the “Buy Your Valentine” event.

So with all the bids coming in, the various guys and gals are hooked up. Patrick wins a date with Cruz while Ivan bids on Ari. Naturally the two couples end up talking alone, with the latter (Ivan and Ari) kissing and taking some alone time.

Patrick notices, as Cruz convinces him that Ivan likes Ari more than him. Given they end up in a bathtub together, that’s hardly surprising.

At the same time, Rebe decides to bid on Mencia over Jess, which gets her a slap to the face for her troubles.

Back at Ivan’s place, Patrick and Cruz hook up in the pool which Ivan ends up seeing. He’s completely torn up about it and eventually tells Ari she needs to leave.

We then jump forward to Samuel being released from prison. He heads into school and warmly embraces Benjamin, thanking him for not letting him down. Only, Ari is there to stop this, pointing out it was all Ivan’s doing. Samuel’s face immediately drops.

We then cut (forward or back? It’s a little unclear in truth) to a moment outside Ivan’s place. Someone is lying face-down on the ground while Patrick is covered in blood.

The Episode Review

A lot of Elite’s fifth season has been a myriad of different relationship issues and entangled character ties that do feel a tad worn out by this point. I appreciate that this is part of Elite’s allure but this year everything seems to be reaching toward misunderstanding tropes and love triangles but without the necessary spice to let it really zing.

The whole Rebe/Mencia/Jess angle has felt a bit undercooked while the Patrick and Ivan situation has been intriguing but only in bursts. The real meat of the show stems from the murder mystery and it’s still unclear exactly how everything slots together here.

With two more episodes to go and plenty of unpredictability, it’s difficult to guess exactly who killed Samuel – and why. On we march!

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