Elite – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review


The Missing Persons Case

Following on from the events of the previous season, Elite begins with a really handy 3 minute recap to get us up to scratch on what’s happened so far. It’s a good refresher too, one that helps introduce all the characters again and play out the big twist at the end of the previous season. Marina is dead. Nano has gone to prison with the police suspecting he’s the one who killed her while Polo hides the truth with Christian. 

We begin 20 hours into a missing persons case. Knowing how important these early hours are, the female Inspector fronting the case sets to work in organizing a search party before we jump back 3 months.

Nano gives Samuel the cold shoulder as he arrives to see him in prison before he cycles back home and stares in dumbfounded silence as Marina’s things are packed up. The family are moving and in their place is a new girl to take over the house.

However, they don’t get long to mourn as school starts again and all our characters begin the school year anew. Unfortunately old tensions bubble up as Guzman immediately jumps at Samuel and hits him. As they head to class, he tells the rest of the students it’s either him or Samuel, drawing the battle lines early on.

Afterwards, Guzman confronts Nadia and reminds her the only reason she’s at the school is because he made a pact with her Father while Omar makes up an excuse to see Ander where he laments the lack of time they’re able to spend together. With a party coming up, the students see it as the perfect time to blow off some steam. After a brief moment’s pause, Omar agrees to go with Ander but when he returns to the shop, he finds the place trashed and his Father lying on the floor, hurt.

At the party, Guzman and Christian comes to blows until Carla takes him aside and manages to calm him down. Distracting everyone at the party, Nadia lets her hair down – literally – and shows off her gorgeous locks at the bar as the trio get talking. However, Lu interferes and takes Rebecca aside, squaring up to her and telling her to stay away from her brother Valerio.

While the rest of the group party the night away, Ander messages Omar where he learns what’s happened, immediately telling Nadia as they rush off back to the shop. As she heads outside and finds Omar in the hallways at school, Carla watches on in horror as Christian gets on his bike and speeds away. As the EDM music reaches its crescendo, so too does our drama as a car appears and hits Christian, sending him hurtling across the ground; a thin trail of blood lining the asphalt.

With Christian missing, Carla stares wide-eyed, as she learns the horrifying truth from the teachers the next day. As Samuel and Carla arrive at the hospital to check on him, they find Nadia in the hallway, where she tells them her Father was admitted that evening too.

Back in prison, Samuel tells Nano that he’ll do everything in his power to get him free and find the ones responsible for killing Marina while in the future timeline (23 hours into the disappearance), we learn whoever is missing left the party at 10pm. Called over, the police find the mangled remains of a bicycle on the ground before the camera pans out to reveal Samuel is the one who’s missing.

As an opening episode, Elite does well to set the foundations for the season to come, with a lovely stylish crescendo at the end of the episode to keep that stylish flair going. Seeing Christian fly off his bike with the cameras mounted to the helmet is a dizzying and impressive shot, one that holds a lot of weight to it given we almost experience that crash with him. The usual melodrama continues to bubble up though and with Samuel more convinced that ever to track down the real killer, Polo’s days may well be numbered.


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