Elite – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Carla’s Secret

We begin episode 2 of Elite with Samuel deciding to go after Carla as she may hold the key to the answers he needs.

As Omar and Nadia’s Father returns home, the kids prepare for school where Guzman continues to mourn for Marina. While Lu attempts to sweet talk Cayetana to get in hr good books, Samuel sweet talks some prey of his own – Carla. After a failed attempt at wooing her, Polo approaches her where she reveals to him that Christian’s accident may not be a coincidence after all.

Consumed by rage, Guzman opens up to Valerio about Lu and he offers an easy way out – alcohol and drugs. As they let loose, Lu watches on in horror as Cayetana, Guzman and Valerio party. Unfortunately they party right over the time of the service, as both Polo and Ander find out where he is via Instagram. From afar, Samuel shows up just as the two boys hurry to bring Guzman in.

Arriving at the party, Guzman greets his classmates high as a kite while Lu laments Valerio snaring up Cayetana and turning her to the dark side. However, as things get heated, Guzman throws up on the floor and tells the others that Marina was killed and it wasn’t an accident.

Later that evening while another party consumes our group, Samuel confronts Carla in the toilets and asks her outright whether she had something to do with Marina’s death. She nods and tells him she does, somehow leading to them making love in the toilets.

The next morning, Guzman speaks to Ander and tells him his theory. He believes that Nano isn’t the real killer and someone out there knows who did it and more importantly, that the killer himself (or herself) is lurking right under their noses this whole time.

34 hours into the missing persons case, the police continue to ask around the town, desperate to find just where Samuel may be. The police ask Samuel’s Mother if there was anything suspicious going on, before finding a wad of money stashed under his bed. It’s here we jump forwards 2 hours where the police arrive at school and tell them they need to figure out just what happened to Samuel.

A series of face to face interviews follow; snapshots of faces that reveal little over the disappearance. We pause on Valerio, as he attempts to remain calm while he suggests they speak to Lu as she may know more than she’s letting on. As things go round in circles, Carla struggles to keep a straight face in her interview, before rushing off for some air afterwards. As Lu corners her and asks just what’s going on, she reveals that Samuel isn’t missing – he’s actually dead.

As the mystery continues to unravel, Elite begins to place pieces of the puzzle sporadically around the series. These future segments are interesting but the way they’re placed so haphazardly through the episode here does feel a little confusing at times. While there is the usual “whoosh” sound effect to signify a jump forward and back again, at times it does feel a little unnecessary, especially given these scenes last a matter of seconds.

Still, there’s enough here to whet the appetite and although there’s not much in the way of action or drama, the bombshell reveal at the end of this one should be enough to keep you hanging around.


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