Echo 3 – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


After the frenetic rescue operation, episode 10 of Echo 3 sees Amber having trouble adjusting to normalcy. The effects of her traumatic captivity and torture reflect in her inability to associate with her new surroundings. Every attempt to cheer her up or communicate intelligently with her is going to waste. The trio lands in Cartagena, where they will be safe for the time being. But Amber does not even seem to remember that part of her life either.

Amber’s mental state greatly distresses Prince, who is heartbroken seeing her wife like this. She does not look like her older self at all and it will take a lot of time and effort to bring her back on track. Bambi feels that it is too early for them to expect the old Amber. The road back to normal life will be tough and Prince will have to be with her every step of the way. The situation in Venezuela is playing out as expected. The Venezuelan government has totally disowned any involvement and instead blame neighbouring Colombia for these attacks.

They are construed as terrorist actions but Violeta is keenly tracking the situation. The Colombian leadership do the same as their Venezuelan counterparts and tries to exploit the situation for political gains. Violeta tries to calm down matters and requests an urgent meeting with the President but is again rebuffed. She meets Amber and expresses her sympathies. Seeing Amber in that condition squarely puts her in shock and reminds her of her own predicament when she was released. Even in those circumstances, she has not forgotten her professional obligation and reprimands Bambi and Prince for the ruckus they have created. Without caring for either country’s people, they have left permanent scars in their tracks.

She threatens them to leave the country and never come back. But we see the dichotomy in perspectives right in the next frame when Violeta discusses the matter with Ernesto, her husband. His position in the superstructure sees the situation from an economic standpoint. Quite shockingly to Violeta, in his evaluation, he feels that this situation can help the business and bring them a lot of funds. The delicate situation will be a boon for the fledgling finances but they will allow it to go on.

As most soldiers do after their violent actions, Prince gets moral hiccups about what he did. Even though it was all for his wife’s concern, he still ended up killing those who had nothing to do with the conflict. Bambi comforts him and in their insolence, Amber rushes out of the room. The pair try to follow her trail and Bambi finally reaches her in the church. Amber uncharacteristically claims that she does not want to go back home and wants to stay in the country. A shocked Bambi can only helplessly watch and can hardly recognize his headstrong sister.

But he is not prepared to give up. He gives many examples of what her life was like before captivity and how she braved all the horrors. It is time for her to come back to being Amber and leave the scars behind. Amber seems to respond to his impassioned pleas but still seems shaken. Bambi soon realizes that they cannot stay out any longer and must find shelter. Prince is busy arranging a flee attempt from the place and Mitch too has flown in to make sure everything goes smoothly. What we see next involves a high level of detailing and stealth movements by our American trio. They move through a busy marketplace to guise themselves. The locals are too afraid to speak out and even though they feel threatened, none of them reports the ensuing Colombian army. They have shoot-on-sight orders for the Americans and they must tread carefully.

But how could we have gone through the finale without a shootout? That is what happens next as Bambi and Prince encounter soldiers from the Colombian army. It is intensely shot and wrapped up quickly as the trained agency professionals show their prowess. They reach Mitch, who is waiting for the rescue charter. Amber is delighted to see him and hugs him with a wide smile. They are almost there, Prince quips, as they take to the air.

The plan is that they will land at an airstrip and then go back to San Diego. When matters get more relaxed at the island, Prince turns his attention toward Amber. He must now do everything to be with her and get Amber back on track. But Amber delivers a blow to his aspirations as she claims she can never be the same again or love Prince.

That is why she wanted to stay back or decide either way to start anew. Their relationship seems to be over from how Amber defiantly rejects his advances. Bambi is only an audience to the entire thing. We do not get definitive answers from the story as every protagonist grapples with the events of the last week and how they have forever changed their lives.

The Episode Review

This ending to the story cannot be called anti-climatic as we always expected the rescue to go well. The Americans were in an overwhelmingly commanding position to make the odds and their journey was riddled with obstacles. But the open-ended, thoughtful, and remorseful ending did not feel fulfilling.

The lack of continuity came back to haunt Boal and co. as Amber’s final decision felt really out of place. It just did not fit in with the rest of the show and left us completely disappointed. From one perspective, it might feel enlightening and a just tying up of the political undertones.

Echo 3 has now ended and we will have to wait to see if the show will be renewed.

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18 thoughts on “Echo 3 – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Stupid and infuriating ending! But the show was alright! Men like Prince and Bambi are rare and deserve better than and Amber! Self righteous and unappreciative! So much for a ‘CIA agent’ 🙄

  2. Trauma can have a profound impact on the brain. It is possible to become a completely new person after experiencing that. If a individual is reliving the trauma and cannot discern “safe” from “unsafe”, then for that person there is no room for anything else because they are consumed by fear and anxiety in every moment of every day. Even though it was an undesirable end, that was the most realistic reaction that I could have expected. Trauma takes time and effort to mend, no different than losing a limb. Can’t wait for the next season to see Amber’s revival as she relearns how to do all the things that constitute life.

  3. I feel like I’ve been held in captivity being forced to watch this dragged out repetitive series . Kept watching hoping for more and now this ending ? .

  4. I feel like I’ve been held I captivity being forced to watch this dragged out repetitive series . Kept watching hoping for more and now this ending ? .

  5. An old tired story that could have been (and has been done) in a film. It dragged on and on with very little reason to celebrate even any small victories. This was a film dragged out into a ten part series. I truly hope they do not attempt to bring this back as a season two. Life is too short.

  6. I actually liked that Amber made the choice she did. Her husband is a complete moron who thinks she’s supposed to fall back in place immediately after all that trauma and he just keeps pushing and pushing. If I were her I’d be still be so pissed that if it weren’t for him putting that damn tracker in her bag she probably wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. He needs to give her space, but it’s as if he wants to push her away. What an asshole.

  7. Disappointing ending to this show, I agree. First Amber is near-catatonic as a result of her experience, concerned about the loss of her friend and of many at the compound. Then the next day she is carrying a gun with Bambi and Prince and engaging in a shoot out in a public mall. Then she is back to feeling guilty again.

    I thought this series would be about this geopolitical difficulties in dealing with hostage taking and about the difficult choices that must be made on all sides. At the end it degenerated into a disappointing and pointless shoot out.

  8. Yep, been dudded twice now, this ending and ‘The English’ ending.
    Both absolutely great to watch throughout only to be left with a WTF? feeling….

  9. i’m here cuz i had to google “echo 3 ending explained”.
    i was worried someone might die in the market or on the island. now that i finished watching, i wished Amber was dead at the camp and the story can spin off for the main characters to seek revenge for Amber.
    go home boys. you guys done a amazing job. leave Amber

  10. Uh, she was really a CIA agent doing we-don’t-know what, and the audience is now supposed to buy that she is full of regret about the people killed during her rescue? Seems Boal was confused about the way to bring the story to a conclusion.

  11. Honestly, Amber was difficult to like from the beginning. I wasn’t surprised to see her make these unrealistic decisions at the end. Hopefully, we can move on from her and just follow the other 2 main characters if there’s s season 2 🙏

  12. Horrible ending! Do they want us to believe that she had Stockholm syndrome? The people who kidnapped her, tortured her, & imprisoned others to run a drug cartel are made out to be victims! She was scheduled to die after being drugged and imprisoned for months! The ending made me regret watching this series!

  13. I was so worried there would be a surprise attack while they waited that I had to Google the ending.
    The ending is disappointing. Can Amber really make any rational decisions without intensive therapy? She’s rather ungrateful of the sacrifice Prince and Bambi made for her. He needs to just on, she doesn’t deserve him.

  14. Terrible ending.ambers character changes last minute out of the blue with no appreciation of what her husband went through. She also mentioned all the innocent killings? Of drug making killers with guns that planned to kill her. Totally unbelievable ending. She is a apparent hard ass CIA intelligence officer.

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