Earthstorm Season 1 Review – Netflix series explores the devastating wrath of Mother Nature

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There’s something about extreme weather that absolutely captivates us as a species. From natural disaster movies way back in the early 30’s through to modern day tornado chasers and bombastic Hollywood blockbusters; natural weather phenomena reminds us of our tenuous place on Planet Earth. It can be a humbling, devastating and scary experience, especially for those who have encountered any level of extreme weather in person.

Earthstorm then is the latest docu-series to dive into extreme weather, split across four different episodes. The show starts with a look at tornadoes before cycling through volcanoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. Despite the series taking a predominantly US-centric take, there’s actually a good deal to like about what’s here and the second chapter, Volcano, actually jets off to four different locations across the world.

Each of the episodes start with a gripping intro, showing camera footage for those storm chasers right in the thick of the action and desperate to get away. From here, most of the run-time flits between eyewitness accounts from survivors to experts in their field.

Aesthetically, Earthstorm has some really neat graphics that cut in, including diagrams, maps and real-time footage of weather patterns mapped over the top of cloud systems. This, coupled with the in-depth explanation of how each extreme source of weather works, including what makes extreme weather tick, makes for a really in-depth and visually pleasing series.

There’s a lot to like with Earthstorm, including a good deal of discussion about our changing weather, case studies of specific weather phenomena and an easy to understand tone throughout. This is a very easy docu-series to slip into and if you have any interest in extreme weather at all, this is an easy recommend.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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