Dr Romantic – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Dr Romantic Season 3 starts where we left off with Dr Cha letting the doctors from Doldam Hospital know that they will be working in two different groups. Most of the doctors from the emergency hospital have been shortlisted to work at the Trauma Centre in a simulation. Woo-jin backs out of the deal and claims that he was not going to perform surgery for a show and that he wants to help patients with real needs.

At Doldam, Nurse Oh, Nurse Eom, A-reum, Dong-hwa, Seon-ung and a few other nurses and general doctors are the only ones left to work with Teacher Kim. The group at Doldam is worried if Dong-hwa and Seon-ung will be able to manage everything with just the two of them. At the Trauma Centre, Dr Cha and Woo-jin butt heads due to their clashing opinions.

Dr Cha tries to instigate Woo-jin and claims that he was only running away because he’s scared of his skills, calling him Teacher Kim’s minion. Woo-jin is still adamant about his decision and decides that he will be working at the Doldam Hospital. In-soo and Moon-jung try to convince Woo-jin to stay but to no avail.

He tells In-soo and Moon-jung that he’s not willing to leave all of the responsibility on Teacher Kim’s shoulders and wants to be there to help him. Woo-jin finally learns that Teacher Kim had asked them both to coax him into staying at the Trauma Centre. At the same time, Eun-jae claps back at her father for belittling Woo-jin’s skills despite his stellar performance.

On the other hand, Dong-hwa insinuates that Seon-ung and he were being hazed and disciplined by Teacher Kim. He warns Seon-ung and states that Fridays at Doldam have a notorious reputation. In-soo tells Do-il and Min-guk that Woo-jin has made his decision to leave. Teacher Kim cannot force Woo-jin to work at the Trauma Centre but adds that Woo-jin is the only capable general surgeon to represent Doldam’s doctors in front of Dr Cha.

Min-guk tells Teacher Kim about his meeting with a politician who will be finalizing the yearly budget for the Trauma Centre. Teacher Kim asks Min-guk to hasten the budgeting in order to inaugurate the new medical institution. He asks Min-guk and Do-il to go with their Plan B in order to get Woo-jin back to the Trauma Centre. Min-guk tells Ho-joon that he will be performing combined surgery with Dr Cha.

Teacher Kim asks Nurse Oh to work at the Trauma Centre for a while due to Ho-joon’s lack of experience. Eun-tak offers to replace her and works at Doldam for the time being. Eun-jae tries to talk to Woo-jin and reasons with him. She asks him to be nice to her father and try to get along with him as her boyfriend. Woo-jin accuses Eun-jae of being hesitant to introduce him as her boyfriend to her father.

The patients start coming in all at once and two pesticide-poisoning patients are taken to the Doldam Hospital ER. Meanwhile, three patients who were in a car accident are taken to the Trauma Centre. A-reum, Seon-ung and Dong-hwa work on treating the first patient; an elderly man who accidentally consumed pesticide along with his son. Woo-jin, Eun-tak and Teacher Kim focus on treating the son.

The Trauma Centre admits a teenage boy who is conscious after the car accident. Nurse Oh asks the boy if he’s in pain but he denies it. The boy is accompanied by two men who are in critical condition. Nurse Oh asks the boy to be taken into the observation area and the men to be taken to the operating rooms.

In-soo, Moon-jung and Ho-joon treat one of the two men while Eun-jae and the other doctors help resuscitate the other, who has gone into cardiac arrest. Nurse Oh asks In-soo to check on the teenage boy in the observation room. In-soo leaves Ho-joon to examine the patient till he checks up on the teen boy but Ho-joon is not confident and asks In-soo to stay.

The teen boy’s mother calls to ask if the doctors have come to check on him but he states that they have not, revealing to his mother about his close to non-existent injuries. At Doldam Hospital, the old man goes into a sudden cardiac arrest and A-reum starts CPR on him until the AED machine arrives.

Dong-hwa, Seon-ung and A-reum keep examining chest compressions by hand as well as the defibrillator to the point of exhaustion. Teacher Kim comes in and checks on the old man, asking A-reum to stop. A-reum breaks down and somehow manages to call his time of death. Eun-jae calls Teacher Kim asking him to send Seon-ung to the Trauma Centre.

Despite being exhausted, Seon-ung rushes to aide Eun-jae. Eun-tak tries to convince Woo-jin to go to the Trauma Centre since things at the hospital were under control. Woo-jin refuses to do so and stays by the patient. Nurse Oh checks on the teenage boy who complains that he’s feeling cold. The nurse covers him up and asks him to wait for the doctor to arrive.

After the CT Scan, In-soo determines that the patient has a lot of internal bleeding near his lungs and liver. He asks Ho-joon to perform combined surgery with Dr Cha, but the former loses his mind over it while In-soo rushes to check on a new motorcycle accident patient. At the same time, the teen boy falls unconscious while not a single doctor checks on him. Eun-jae tells Seon-ung that she had called him in to observe the CT Scan.

She tells him that experience is the best teacher claiming that he would learn a lot through observation. Eun-tak notices Dong-hwa trying to cheer A-reum but decides to ignore the two. Dong-hwa seems to be falling for A-reum. Teacher Kim scolds Woo-jin for focusing on his personal feelings about Dr Cha instead of performing his true duty as a doctor.

Eun-tak tells Woo-jin about the combined surgery that Ho-joon had to perform with Dr Cha which has him worried. At the Trauma Centre, Ho-joon panics and is not able to prescribe a proper surgery protocol. Woo-jin intervenes and claims that Ho-joon had asked for his help. He makes a suggestion for the complicated but workable surgery protocol that impresses Dr Cha.

Min-guk tells Teacher Kim that Woo-jin had caved and was at the Trauma Centre performing the surgery with Dr Cha. During the surgery, Dr Cha is surprised to see the assistance that Nurse Oh provided with her years of experience. He is also impressed by Woo-jin’s skill during the surgery. Meanwhile, Dong-hwa is performing sonography on a patient but is not able to see anything.

Eun-tak asks him to move the machine around in order to spread the gas in her stomach to be able to see better. Dong-hwa is agitated by the suggestion from a nurse and asks him to get a CT scan of her abdomen. Teacher Kim intervenes and uses the same method as Eun-tak had suggested. Dong-hwa is embarrassed to learn that the woman was only pregnant and that it’s something he could read from the sonogram.

He yells at Eun-tak for trying to disrespect him in front of the patients but Eun-tak claps back, stating that he’s inexperienced. Teacher Kim asks Dong-hwa to be appreciative of others’ years’ worth of experience, believing that it would only benefit him in the long run as a doctor. Min-guk calls Ki-tae to tell him that the politician he was going to meet for the Trauma Centre’s budget has a son who was at the Trauma Centre after a car accident.

Ki-tae starts looking around for the boy, while Eun-jae, who is on rounds, finds the boy in the observation room. She checks up on him and learns that he has no pulse or a heartbeat. The doctors are all alerted and Eun-jae starts performing CPR on the boy. In-soo recalls that Nurse Oh had told him about the patient and rushed him to the observation room.

It is too late and the boy is announced dead. The politician rushes to the hospital and finds the lifeless body of her son. She threatens Min-guk and the hospital staff with medical malpractice. She claims that her son was alive and spoke to her after he was admitted to the hospital. Dr Cha and Woo-jin both successfully finish the surgery.

After the surgery, Woo-jin meets Eun-jae by the coffee machine. The couple discusses their relationship and Dr Cha. Eun-jae tells him that as a woman, it was hard to admit to her father that she had moved in with a man. She states that Woo-jin was very cool so she was proud of him and wasn’t trying to hide him. They finally reconcile with Woo-jin giving her a back hug.

After the surgery, Dr Cha learns about the teenage boy and tries to reason with his mother. She is adamant about suing the hospital but Dr Cha backs his staff up. He claims that her secretaries are in much worse condition with life-threatening injuries. Dr Cha accuses her of using government officials to drive her son around, stating that the men had their lives compromised on a job that they were not assigned by the government to perform.

The politician is shocked at Dr Cha’s lack of remorse and takes her son away. Nurse Oh argues with Ki-tae stating that what Dr Cha had done was not cool from a mother’s perspective after she had just lost her child. Ki-tae likes the fact that Dr Cha was taking responsibility for his staff. Woo-jin finds Dr Cha watching a video of the combined surgery they just performed.

The two doctors discuss Woo-jin’s skill as a surgeon while Dr Cha acknowledges that Woo-jin is in a relationship with Eun-jae. Eun-jae blushes when she sees her father and Woo-jin bond over their thoughts regarding the surgery. Teacher Kim learns about the issue involving the teen boy but is unable to speak to the politician about it. She threatens to make the Trauma Centre suffer using similar politics that Dr Cha had used on her.

In-soo is in a state of shock and blames himself for the death of the boy. He agrees to take responsibility for the actions but since both Dong-hwa and Seon-ung are having a hard time understanding scans, they seek each other’s help to perform CT scans and study them. The episode ends with A-reum finding the two surgeons in a compromising position.

The Episode Review

This episode had me swinging from being frustrated over Dr Cha and the choices he makes to rooting for him. It is true that he hates Teacher Kim but the way he stood up for In-soo (or in reality Ha-joon’s mistake) is commendable. As a doctor, In-soo will blame himself for what happened to the teen but I believe that an incompetent doctor like Ha-joon is the true reason behind the teen’s death.

I hope Teacher Kim makes a wise decision and looks up what caused In-soo the delay. With that being said, I am sure the budget for the Trauma Centre will be compromised, with the politician turning out to be the teen’s mother. The episodes are getting more exciting as they go and I cannot wait to see how this season progresses for the Doldam doctors working at the Trauma Centre.

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