Dr Romantic – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Empathy and Sympathy

Episode 6 of Dr Romantic Season 3 starts with a young girl getting off at the bus station late at night. She is all by herself and wants to know how she can get to Doldam Hospital. She asks a man for directions and he claims that his nephew works at the hospital. The girl is looking for her father and inquires if he knows Teacher Kim.

He directs the girl to take the bus to the hospital and gives a call to Mr Lee. At the hospital, Teacher Kim goes through the CCTV footage to discern how the teen may have been ignored at the Trauma Centre. He notices how In-soo was all over the place trying to deal with the patients one after the other, and that the teen had taken off the monitor plug from his finger, causing it not to beep, failing to alert the doctors.

Meanwhile, the little girl spots an accident around the bus stop where a teen tries to cross the street but is hit by a truck. The girl is taken to Doldam Trauma Centre where In-soo, Woo-jin and Eun-jae check up on her. Eun-jae learns that the girl is asthmatic and has a number of health issues.

The 8-year-old girl who had sneaked into the ambulance with the teen enters Doldam Hospital and runs into Teacher Kim. The hospital staff assume that the little girl is Kim’s daughter and are shocked because Mr Lee’s uncle called him to inform about the little girl who went to Doldam looking for her father.

At the Trauma Centre, the doctors learn that the teen is in a very bad condition and has bleeding organs after the accident. Do-il also tells the doctors that the operation will be risky. Dr Cha asks the doctors to hold off on the operation as the patient has a 20% survival rate at best. Woo-jin claims that this was reason enough for him to do the operation even faster.

Dr Cha blatantly prohibits the doctors from performing surgery on the teen. However, the teen’s mother makes it to the hospital and immediately recognises Dr Cha as the man responsible for her daughter’s condition. At Doldam, Teacher Kim talks to the little girl about her grievances and the girl shares that she pegged him to be a mean, bad person because of the way Teacher Kim overworked her father.

Just then Teacher Kim gets a call from Eun-jae regarding the situation at the Trauma Centre. The woman slaps Dr Cha and starts crying when he claims that the Trauma Centre would not be operating on the patient. The woman claims that her daughter had been a healthy child but had started experiencing breathing issues after they used an air humidifier.

During the court case, Dr Cha was asked to share his opinion on the air humidifier and he concluded that the machine did not cause the patient to develop any breathing issues. The patient’s mother claims that Dr Cha caused her daughter to suffer because she was not treated in time due to his medical opinion. Teacher Kim checks on the patient and tries to reassure her mother. He tells the woman that there was a thin chance that her daughter would survive the surgery but claims that he will try his best to help her by performing a lung transplant.

The woman thanks Teacher Kim but after she has left, Dr Cha and Teacher Kim get into a heated argument. While Teacher Kim blames Dr Cha for not taking in patients when they clearly needed help, Dr Cha blames Teacher Kim for not taking care of his doctors. Dr Cha states that all the Doldam doctors had multiple complaints against them because they were following Teacher Kim’s footsteps and were trying to treat every single patient even when there were risks involved. Teacher Kim states that the doctors were only doing their jobs.

Woo-jin rushes the patient to the Operating Room and Eun-jae checks up on the lung transplant. Teacher Kim tells Dr Cha that the patient was suffering since she was 8 years old because of Dr Cha’s mistake. Eun-jae, who overheard their conversation checks up on her father. Dr Cha tries to explain that he did the right thing according to the law all those years ago and claims that the patient – Bae Yu-rim’s mother was in the wrong.

Eun-jae is called out to talk to the cops who tell her that Yu-rim had crossed the road when the lights were green. They conclude that Yu-rim was trying to attempt suicide by jumping in front of the truck. Eun-jae also learns that Yu-rim had made a cryptic post on Instagram before the accident. Yu-rim’s mother is adamant that her daughter would never do something like this.

Eun-jae, however, worries that Yu-rim won’t be able to get a lung transplant if she really did attempt suicide. Meanwhile, Woo-jin and Teacher Kim start working on the complicated surgery on Yu-rim. Eun-tak spotting A-reum helping Dong-hwa and Seon-ung in reading abdominal CT scans. The trio have some ramen after to call it a night.

A-reum tells Seon-ung that Fridays had a reputation at Doldam. She adds that there are days when they have had four waves of patients coming into the hospital nonstop. She leaves the two men to finish their meal while Seon-ung notices Dong-hwa blushing while he looked at A-reum. Seon-ung tells him that A-reum had been in a relationship with someone for the last three years.

Dong-hwa is shocked by the information but feigns nonchalance. After finishing his meal, Dong-hwa spots A-reum talking to Eun-tak, noticing him smiling at her. He asks A-reum why she does not have a ring on her finger if she has been in a three-year relationship. Eun-tak, who is overhearing the conversation, is about to react when a patient is brought into Doldam Hospital, causing the doctors to disperse.

Mr Goo finds the little girl and takes her on a walk around the hospital. In-soo learns from Moon-jung that his wife has been trying to contact him because their daughter is missing. In-soo is shocked and yells at his wife on the phone. Mr Goo and the little girl overhear the conversation and it is clear that she is In-soo’s child.

At the Trauma Centre, the surgery takes place at top speed. However, Woo-jin injures himself while stitching the wound. He changes his gloves and gets back to operating on Yu-rim. After the surgery, Eun-jae breaks the news about Yu-rim’s attempted suicide to Teacher Kim and Woo-jin. Dr Cha taunts Teacher Kim for risking operating on a critical patient who did not wish to live in the first place.

Meanwhile, In-soo is struggling trying to find his daughter when Mr Goo tells him that she was asleep in Teacher Kim’s cabin. Teacher Kim chats with In-soo. Teacher Kim explains that In-soo’s daughter thought Teacher Kim was responsible for the problems in her parent’s marriage and that In-soo had separated from his wife because he was too busy to make time for his family. In-soo beings sobbing after Teacher Kim leaves him with his daughter.

Teacher Kim thinks about Dr Cha’s comments and is left wondering if he really was responsible for In-soo’s situation. Eun-jae gives Woo-jin an injection for his accident during the surgery, praising him for his hard work. Woo-jin grabs Eun-jae by the hand as they hide away for a quick makeout session. Woo-jin goes back to Doldam Hospital to find Teacher Kim sitting all alone.

He asks Woo-jin how he hurt himself during a surgery and Woo-jin claims that he was rushing in order to help the patient and to show Dr Cha what he was capable of. Woo-jin tells Teacher Kim that he will be working at both the Trauma Centre as well as Doldam on the basis of urgency.

At the house, Dr Cha asks Eun-jae to introduce him to Woo-jin as her boyfriend over dinner sometime soon. Eun-jae is shocked that her father has been aware of her relationship all this time. At the restaurant, In-soo advises Woo-jin to never get married. During the conversation, In-soo’s daughter asks about Yu-rim’s surgery and shares that she witnessed the accident.

The little girl claims that Yu-rim had started running to cross the road when the lights were red but fell short of breath when the lights turned green and was hit. Yu-rim’s mother is thankful for In-soo’s daughter’s testimony as it helped save her child’s life. In-soo drops his daughter at the bus station, and she’s no longer mad at him for spending so much time at the hospital because she can see that he’s helping to save lives.

In-soo sends his daughter back home while at Doldam, Min-guk claims that Dr Cha should perform lung transplant surgery on Yu-rim. He states that this would be a performance in front of the staff for them to respect him. Dr Cha makes a performance out of the surgery and invites all the Doldam Hospital and Trauma Centre doctors to watch him perform.

Yu-rim’s mother is worried about the surgery and claims that Dr Cha has never apologised for what happened all those years ago. Since Eun-jae and Woo-jin were assisting Dr Cha during the surgery, Eun-jae claims that she’s very nervous. She asks if Woo-jin is free to meet Dr Cha as her boyfriend in the next week, causing him to be shocked before the surgery.

Teacher Kim is the only person at Doldam Hospital while all the other doctors observe the surgery.┬áThe episode ends with Dong-hwa asking Eun-tak if he’s aware of who A-reum’s boyfriend is. Eun-tak leaves Dong-hwa shocked when he declares that he’s A-reum’s boyfriend.

The Episode Review

It seems as though Dr Cha’s motive in life is to be the main character at all times. He is clearly putting on a performance when it is a matter of life and death and does not understand what Min-guk was trying to imply. It seems that In-soo’s daughter’s arrival at the hospital was a wake-up call for Teacher Kim and it puts the plight of his doctors into perspective for him.

While Teacher Kim did not have much of a family of his own, it is possible that he tends to forget the circumstances of his doctors.

The episode did a great job of showing the dynamics between A-reum and the new doctors and how she was trying to help them fit in with the changing dynamics of the hospitals. Dong-hwa’s jealousy of Eun-tak and the absolute embarrassment he felt at the end of the episode when he learnt that Eun-tak was A-reum’s boyfriend is a definite highlight.

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