Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 11 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 11

The skilled doctor-surgeon, Teacher Kim is coming back with his team at Doldam Hospital for a third season of the popular medical drama Dr Romantic. Centred around the Doldam Hospital, an emergency hospital situated on the outskirts of town, Dr Kim and his skilled team of doctors end up dealing with crisis cases. The show follows a team of doctors who deliberate between following the rules and the code of a doctor’s conduct and saving the lives of people without thinking about money.

If you’ve been following Dr Romantic, you may be curious to find out when the new season of this popular K-drama is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 11, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

What is Dr Romantic about?

The show follows the story of Dr Boo Yong-joo, a triple-board certified surgeon, who was once at the top of his field and used to work at Seoul’s top medical centre, Geosan University Hospital. After a traumatic incident, he disappears and changes his name to Kim Sa-bu. He begins working at a small hospital named Doldam, located in Gangwon Province.

In Season 1 of Dr Romantic, Teacher Kim (Kim Sa-bu) guides Kang Dong-joo (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) and Yoon Seo-jeong (played by Seo Hyun-jin) to become great doctors by teaching them to fight against power and money for the sake of patients. Season 2 of Dr Romantic takes place three years following the events of the first season where Teacher Kim recruits a general surgeon from the main hospital in Seoul.

He finds Seo Woo-jin (played by Ahn Hyo-seop), a doctor with a troubled past who is ostracized by his fellow doctors and offers him the job. In the meantime, Cha Eun-jae (played by Lee Sung-kyung) is suspended after making another mistake in the operation room and has no other choice but to follow the two doctors to Doldam Hospital.

Where Can I Watch Dr Romantic Season 3?

Dr Romantic Season 3 is an SBS Original and will be available to watch there for those in South Korea. For those watching internationally, it will be available on Disney+ in select regions. Do expect the show to be available in most Asian countries like Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, India and more as well as the USA and UK. We will update this section once we have more information about the countries in which this K-drama will air.

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 11 of Dr Romantic Season 3 will release globally on Friday 2nd June at 10:00pm (KST) / 5:00 am (PT)/ 8:00am (ET)/ 4pm (GMT).

Expect the show to have 16 episodes. Each episode of Dr Romantic Season 3 will have a run time of around 60 minutes and chapters should drop with subtitles too.

How Many Episodes Will Dr Romantic Season 3 Have?

It has been revealed that the K-drama, Dr Romantic Season 3 will be as long as a regular K-drama with 16 total episodes. The show will also be releasing two episodes each week with new episodes dropping every Friday and Saturday. With the release of this episode, the show will have 5 more episodes till this season comes to an end in June of 2023.

The show stars most of the original cast from Seasons 1 and 2 with Han Suk-kyu as Teacher Kim, Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin, Lee Sung-kyung as Cha Eun-jae, Kim Joo-hun as Park Min-guk in main roles. The season will also feature So Ju-yeon as Yoon Ah-reum, Jin Kyung as Oh Myung-shim, Kim Min-jae as Park Eun-tak among others in supporting roles.

It is unclear whether Season 1 stars Yoo Yeon-seok and Seo Hyun-jin will be reprising their roles as Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jeong respectively but fans of the show are hoping for cameo appearances from these two in the upcoming third season.

What happened in Season 3 Episode 10 of Dr Romantic?

Teacher Kim blames himself for what happened to Woo-jin and rushes to the site to rescue Woo-jin and Eun-tak from the building collapse. He is relieved to see Eun-tak safe and well but is worried when he notices that Woo-jin had not one but two rebars in his hand. Teacher Kim tries to cut off the rebar as much as he could and somehow manages to get Woo-jin and the teacher to the Trauma Centre. He tries to reach Dr Cha for help with the surgeries but is unable to get through to him.

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Is There A Trailer For Dr Romantic Season 3?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for the new mystery K-drama, Dr Romantic Season 3 below:

What do you think about the upcoming mystery romance Dr Romantic Season 3? What are you most excited to see as this new season of the popular romance-medical drama drops? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I totally love this series ! after Dr. romantic 2 I have been waiting for it to get anther season . The way they balance romance ,thrill, suspense and the challenges is just amazing !!

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  3. I really exited to watch how seo woo jin can be surgeon again after his hand was hurt and romance between woo jin and eun jae hoping they will be married in the future

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