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Do You Like Brahms returns this week with another episode that confirms one thing – this love triangle is messier than we first thought. With plenty of intriguing character developments and some heartbreak along the way, Do You Like Brahms is all about the melodrama. In particular, this week’s issues revolve around both Song-A and Jong-Young and their attitude toward music.

Episode 3 of Do You Like Brahms begins with Song-A and Joon-Young together in the bar. The former asks him for an autograph and shows his album – the same one she bought from the store. However, Song-A becomes distracted by a message from Min-Sung asking to go for drinks. Before she leaves, she sits with Joon-Young and they get talking.

Sitting alone, the duo discuss Joon-Young’s first competition overseas. His first night he was awoken by loud music – everyone there woke up early to practice playing the piano. Only, as the competition whittled down to the final few competitors, that cacophony of key strikes slowly turned to silence. This silence became his comfort.

As we later find out, Song-A’s experience with music is very different. She used music as a way of dealing with her pain and disappointment, with an accompanying montage hammering home how many rejections and issues she’s had to deal with over time.

As they go their separate ways, Jung-Kyung and Joon-Young exchange text messages about the upcoming performance at the weekend. Only, when she mentions Hyun-Ho being the guest cellist, he simply replies “okay”.

In the morning, Song-A heads off and sees Joon-Young at Gyeonghui Palace. He gives her phone back and the two exchange pleasantries. When Song-A heads back to work she overhears the others discussing the performance and how the lead piece will be Brahms. As they (and later Jung-Kyung at the theatre) remain puzzled over why Joon-Young isn’t playing, Song-A’s obviously wiser and knows why.

With two tickets to the orchestra and Min-Sung ill, Song-A instead asks Dong-Yoon to go with her. As she takes her seat, it just so happens to be one seat down from Joon-Young. The duo can’t help but exchange glances and talk to one another. However, Dong-Yoon doesn’t show up. A little bit later on, we learn he’s actually sleeping with Min-Sung. Out of all the people to overhear this, Joon-Young is the one who finds out.

For now he remains quiet and keeps the secret but when Yoon joins the table, he’s immediately stand-offish with the CEO. As the night draws on, they all discuss music together and stories behind certain songs – namely Brahms and Clara. The night comes to a close and everyone goes their separate ways. Except Song-A and Yoon who discuss how he’s been with Min-Sung lately.

Meanwhile, the team at the Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation discuss the future of the arts. With Mr Park off for his sabbatical, Sung-Jae tries to convince Joon-Young to play at the 15th anniversary. At the same time, Moon-Sook decides that Jung-Kyung is not qualified to be a judge.

In the morning, Song-A’s birthday celebrations get underway. Those at work give her a cake while Dong-Yoon messages and tells her he’ll be over later that day. Joon-Young meanwhile, tries to message her but struggles to find the right words.

She’s not the only one either. Min-Sung arrives to meet Song-A and hands over a gift for her. However, she also starts crying and admits the truth about her crossing the line. From afar, Joon-Young notices them and it’s here she realises that he was trying to protect her from learning the truth. She tells him that if this happens again, he needs to let it be.

Silently, he sits down and plays Moonlight Sonata for her. This all ties back to her feeling consoled through music. He remembered what she said. As he stands up, he tells her they must be friends and embraces her as a friend while tears fall down her cheeks.

The Episode Review

Music brings people together and conjures up powerful emotions. This episode really shows two halves of what music can do. On the one hand you have Joon-Young who plays because he must in order to help his family. It’s not the music that helps him but instead the silence that follows which gives him comfort.

Song-A on the other hand finds music helps her deal with some of the more difficult moments in her life. This is particularly significant toward the end when Joon-Young played Moonlight Sonata for her. It’s not only a throwback to Jung-Kyung and what he did for that girl, but also shows that he really plays music for other people and not for himself. It’s a beautiful sacrifice and one that definitely sets the foundation for – hopefully – our two leads getting romantically involved.

Finding out Dong-Yoon has been sleeping with Min-Sung is another big gut punch though and poor Song-A! You have to really feel bad for this girl and it’s a pretty horrible thing that Min-Sung and Dong-Yoon have done.

Still, the door is left wide open for the rest of the season and this entangled web of emotions doesn’t look like de-tangling any time soon!


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