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Poco a Poco, Slowly, Gradually

We begin episode 2 of Do You Like Brahms in the past. The Summer of 2013 to be precise. Song-A and Dong-Yoon both sit together in a cafe. While one says they’ll quit, the other says they’ll major in music.

He confirms he’ll stand by her side no matter what and promises to root for her. With violin lessons a financial issue and her not able to find a tutor yet, Dong-Yoon volunteers his own services to help her learn. He confirms it won’t be easy but he’s happy to help.

Back in the present we return to the airport. The characters all say their goodbye as Hyun-Ho and Joon-Young warmly embrace.

They both sit by the river and discuss their future prospects, including Jung-Kyung possibly studying at university. While they discuss fate and what happened at the airport, Joon-Young can’t help but remember that fateful moment when he and Jung-Kyung kissed.

Elsewhere, Dong-Yoon and Song-A both head to dinner with Min-Sung after his flight. The evening goes well and Song-A smiles her way through the meeting. Only, it’s obvious that things aren’t okay with her.

However, she puts on a brave face and heads back to Dong-Yoon’s workshop. There, he realizes she has a crack in the instrument which is why the sound doesn’t flow the way it should.

“I love you” Dong-Yoon suddenly says. It catches her completely off guard but, as we soon find out, it’s something he wants her to say to the instrument.

Holding it up to her mouth, she repeats “I love you” three times but can’t help glancing at Dong-Yoon when she does. The evening draws to an end and our characters continue to struggle with their relationship issues.

The next day Ms. Im goes into labour and is rushed away from work. Meanwhile, Song-Ah and Hae-Na meet Moon-Sook who happens to be in charge of the Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation. She and Hae-Na sit with her, learning more about her past.

Joon-Young meets Kyung-Jung and they discuss the fateful night she kissed him. As they talk, she asks whether she should get married to Hyun-Ho or not. Instead of congratulating her, he looks flustered and struggles to keep his composure.

Given how much he’s held on to that kiss, she admits to him it meant nothing and that she was just happy to she him.

Not long after, the meeting begins and Hyun-Ho, Jung-Kyung and Joon-Young join Song-A in the room. That meeting then eventually leads to them heading out for dinner together. Only, things soon turn awkward when the conversation turns to the relationship dynamic between the four.

Eventually Joon-Young breaks the silence and convinces them to join him in the rehearsal room while he plays. It’s a beautiful performance and one that eventually ends with him admitting he won’t play it again.

As we soon see, Joon-Young had his own reasons for performing and becoming so adept at the piano. The first was to win prize money for his family. The second was that the one person who helped get him to where he is, happened to be on the brink of giving up. That person is Jung-Kyung.

Despite finishing 1st so many times, after finishing 2nd he hated coming home to an empty house. His heart obviously belongs to Jung-Kyung but no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t shake his love for her.

Later that day, Joon-Young asks Song-A to turn his pages. While Jung-Kyung and Hyun-Ho watch on from the balcony, Joon-Young plays his heart out while Song-A does her best to accommodate him.

As Kyung-Jung greets him, Song-A starts to understand the connection the pair have goes deeper than just friends.

That evening, Joon-Young is given some sound advice about following his heart. In the wake of this, he and Song-A both walk home where Song-A is brutally honest with him. She admits that his performance in the rehearsal room was much better.

In the wake of this, the pair sit and start drinking in a bar, finally loosening up and growing closer together.

The Episode Review

Honestly if these two leads don’t get together it may be the most heartbreaking Korean drama of the year. Their chemistry is incredible and both of them connect on a much deeper level.

Both understand the other’s pain which really helps them grow. Both of them are after unattainable love (a throwback to what Jong-Young asked last episode) and each have a connection to music.

They’re both almost forced into this line of work too. Jong-Young is doing it to try and repay a kindness while Song-A wants to prove her parents wrong and that music is a sustainable career.

It’s a wonderful dynamic and helped along by some great performances all round. This episode is just as strong as the first and while the actual storyline is quite simple, the drama and performances really help enhance the material.

Let’s hope this show can sustain that level over the course of 16 episodes!

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