Do Revenge (2022) Ending Explained – Who comes out on top in this twisty game of revenge?

Do Revenge Plot Synopsis

Do Revenge on Netflix has suddenly gained traction a few days after it started streaming. Its peppy tone and an array of youth icons in the cast did promise commercial success. Currently, the revenge teen comedy is trending in the top 10 and should remain there at least for another week until the new releases hit the platform.

Camilla Mendez and Maya Hawke make for impressive leading ladies, sharing electric chemistry in their criminal conspiracy. There is indeed a very fascinating twist near the end of the second act that makes the third an even more enticing proposition. While that doesn’t live up to its billing eventually, the experience of watching Do Revenge turned out to be a fun distraction.

Below, we sort out some of the key plot points for you and also give our take on the ending of the film and what lies ahead. Happy reading!


How do Drea and Eleanor meet?

Drea and Eleanor meet at a summer tennis camp in their adolescent lives. They had earlier met at a day camp when they were 13 but Drea doesn’t realize this only until the end of the film. In the flashback, it is revealed that it was not a coincidence; their second meeting. Eleanor was struggling to get out of bed but saw posts about Drea on social media and also that she was attending a particular camp. She had planned this meeting as part of her larger revenge scheme. While there, Eleanor overheard Erica (Sophie Turner) and her friend talk about Drea’s video, which in fact, Erica had shown to the other girls.

Eleanor snitched on her to Drea, who then had her revenge by getting Erica Erica sent away to rehab after planting cocaine in her room. That is how Drea noticed Eleanor and later on, became friends with her after the former’s car broke down and Eleanor gave her a lift. It is only later in the film that it is revealed Eleanor took out Drea’s spark plug to be the only option available to Drea when she looked around for help.

What plan do Eleanor and Drea make to “do revenge” for each other?

So the very first part of Drea’s plan was to help Eleanor break into Max’s group and be the insider for her. Once they manage to do that, the plan only takes definitive form once they discover what lies inside Carissa’s pet greenhouse. Drea says that once she puts the mushrooms into dinner and the entire class descends into chaos, Eleanor should take advantage of the situation and steal Max’s phone. Because she is tech-savvy, she can then hack into his phone and download the chats and texts that he has sent to other girls in the school. Remember that Drea only got to know this when Eleanor told her that Max was cheating on Tara, Drea’s former best friend, with Allegra, a social media “witch”.

That is why the plan was to get a screenshot of those texts with Allegra and a few others Drea suspected. Once the authorities would come to know of the students’ situation, they would go on and check the dinner for any notoriety. The plan comes true when the Headmistress inspects the dinner pot and finds mushrooms. She immediately breaks into Carissa’s greenhouse with the police and implicates Carissa, thus earning Eleanor revenge.

What does Carissa hide in her exclusive greenhouse on the farm?

This probably also answers the question “What is mixed in the senior class ring dinner?” At that point in the film, we knew Eleanor wanted to exact revenge on Carissa. Drea was tasked with doing that and she took advantage of a beach day with her farm friends to steal Carissa’s keys to the exclusive greenhouse.

When inside, she and Eleanor discover that Carissa plants exotic stuff there such as cannabis and mushrooms. Drea decided to take the latter out and put them in the dinner to throw the seniors into an uncomfortable trance of panic and disease.

Why is Drea deserted by her friends in college?

As Drea explains to Eleanor, her friends’ clique was in fact Max’s and not hers. They only associated with her because she was Max’s girlfriend not because they cared for her. Maybe with the exception of Tara, all the others turned against Drea once she publicly punched Max for leaking her private video on the internet. This question is a bit misleading as it implies Drea indeed had “friends” of her own.

As it turns out, beyond the group, Drea did not have anyone else and Eleanor appeared like a guardian angel for her at the right (read “wrong”) time. Max’s friends, of course, did not want to believe Drea that Max leaked the video when his own sister, Gabbi, knew that he had to take revenge on Drea.

Why and how does Eleanor plan an act of revenge against Drea?

In a stunning reveal, Eleanor throws the truth bomb about Drea’s past and true nature. There is an ongoing theme of narcissist-seeming characters in the film. Drea and Eleanor themselves call Max one and describe what these people think like. Actually, the girl who outed Eleanor and led her to be seen as a predator among fellow kids was none other than Drea. They had known each during the days of the camp and it was Drea that Eleanor was smitten with. She approached Drea and felt confident and safe with her. But the truth about her identity would not be safe with her as Drea took the opportunity to destroy Eleanor’s childhood. That is the kind of person she was back then.

She even nicknamed her “Nosy Nora” which led to Eleanor also undergoing a nose job. When Eleanor did see Drea’s photo at the tennis camp, she schemed this humongous revenge plan to show Drea the mirror of her true self. Right from every detail like taking out the spark plug from her car and outing her to Russ, Eleanor planned it perfectly.

Do Revenge Ending Explained

In this zero-sum game, Eleanor and Drea realized that neither would come out on top. Although after Tara’s pumped-up speech to Drea in their spot before the final gala night, it did seem like Drea the “bad bitch” would walk all over Eleanor. She certainly started the night in that fashion when she told the truth to the group about her and why she wanted to be friends with them in the first place. But as Eleanor walked out crying, Drea realized that she was exactly like her clique and that she was different. Drea rushes after Eleanor to apologize, showcasing how she has changed as a person.

She then throws the camera Eleanor attached to her dress to the ground and stomps on it. At that moment, they see the real versions of each other – two people who had enough of hurting each other. Drea confesses that Eleanor truly made her happy and is probably the “only real” friend she has ever had. All of a sudden, Max comes into the picture. He insults Drea and then throws Eleanor’s phone to the ground, saying he knows everything the two did together.

Then, Max finally confesses that he hates Drea. He recounts how when he first met her, Drea was a “nobody”. She was just some “transplant scholarship girl” who didn’t belong in Rosehill and Max welcomed her to the group. Max says Drea used him for her ends and the Teen Vogue video was his breaking point (the one they celebrated at the start of the movie). And then, Max finally says what we had been waiting for: he leaked the video. But, Eleanor had a camera on her all along – “double assurances”. She then projects it into the party where everyone sees it and Max’s reputation is completely tossed aside.

In the final few moments of the film, we see Eleanor and Drea get back together as friends and forgive each other. Drea finally realizes that this time in her life will never come back and she can delay her “figuring out” anxiety to some other time. She and Eleanor then go out for a trip together, missing the graduation party. Russ and Drea get back together too and Max finally goes to a club of narcissist men having a problem with ego.


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