Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review


Penultimate Patrol

Aptly named Penultimate Patrol, Doom Patrol returns for its 14th episode, collecting its main characters together for the final fight against Mr Nobody. Determined to find Niles, the gang head off in search of where he might be. After a brief introduction showing the origin story of Mr Nobody, our heroes happen upon Danny on their travels. As they enter the street and exchange pleasantries, Flex tells Danny the bad news – Dolores is dead.

However, they don’t get long to mourn as they spot a casually dressed Beard Hunter walking the streets. Before things turn violent, Danny tells them he knows where Niles is. He’s in the white space. As they discuss how to get there, Flex tells them to concentrate on the white space while he flexes but in doing so, everyone starts to orgasm unexpectedly. It turns out he was flexing the wrong muscle.

After this bizarre turn of events, Flex does eventually manage to transport them into the white space where our heroes are presented with the same idealistic scenarios as before. Only this time, they’re all a lot stronger than before and they fight against these perfect scenarios.

After seeing Mr Nobody’s past haunts for themselves, they gang manage to defeat him in his original form with relative ease thanks to a returning Cyborg who shows up and disintegrates him.

With Mr Nobody defeated, the gang head back to Doom Manor where they’re all living their lives. However, a giant robot down at the park threatens to destroy the peace so the team head down to stop it. Only, they’re all vaporized by its lasers. After repeating this sequence of events several times, Niles realizes it’s all an illusion and they’re still in the white space. Laughing maniacally, Mr Nobody reveals Cyborg’s appearance was all an illusion and coerces Niles into revealing the truth. With regret, he tells them the accidents that shaped their lives weren’t accidents at all – they were deliberate.

Doom Patrol ends on an almighty bombshell and quite what this means for the final 2 episodes of the season is left up for debate. One thing’s for sure though and Doom Patrol has been a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre. Quirky, funny and smartly written, DC’s flagship superhero show is going to be a tough one to beat this year. Regardless of how the finale plays out, Doom Patrol is hands down one of the best superhero shows out there and one I’ve been unashamedly singing the praises of since it burst onto the DC Universe platform nearly four months ago. Once again, Doom Patrol delivers a thoroughly enjoyable episode with a cliffhanger that’ll ensure you tune in next week to find out how it all plays out.


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