Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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The Contract

Episode 3 of Doom at your Service begins with more detail surrounding Dong-Kyung’s difficult upbringing. The passing of her Mother brings big changes with her family. This ultimately marks the beginning of her sorrow, and something that brings us back to the present. That final shot from last week then ensues, as Myul-Mang agrees nonchalantly to live with Dong-Kyung.

The sudden realization that she now actually has to live with the doom-bringer hits home, as she remains shocked. Only, he teleports her across to his huge house to stay instead.

Dong-Kyung admits that anyone who’s nice to her tends to disappear from her life, while she excitedly chirps around the house, admiring all the different expensive rooms and possessions.

Sun-Kyung’s voice sends her outside on the rooftop after heading through a door. There, she engages in a voice call with her Aunt. As they finish the call, Sun-Kyung sticks up for his sister and tells her it’s not her fault that she was duped by her sleazy ex.

Inside the house, Myul-Mang is there and after a cheeky retort of “honey”, the truth about them faking the relationship is brought up.

After drinking together and gaining his favour through some slick mind reading, Sun-Kyung leaves. When he does, Myul-Mang transports the girl back to his apartment.

Eventually Dong-Kyung heads to sleep, but leaves Myul-Mang to think about what it means to face mortality and fate. There’s definitely something there that gets him thinking, and he respectfully agrees to play along with sleeping for her sake.

In the morning, Dong-Kyung draws up a contract for the pair to adhere to, including terms for what will happen when the world will end – and how it will come about.

The beginning of the 100 day countdown sees Myul-Mang communicating through Dong-Kyung’s laptop about the boiler. When she heads home, a sticky note awaits her confirming that he managed to fix it himself.

Myul-Mang happens to be at the hospital, giving a terminal diagnosis and watching the woman despair. “That’s the proper reaction,” He says thoughtfully, snapping his fingers and allowing the woman to lose her memory of their conversation.

That evening, Dong-Kyung sits with Sonyeoshin, who shows up at the bus stop. As she looks set to grab her bracelet, Myul-Mang appears and urges Dong-Kyung to leave. However, she pulls away as memories of the past come flooding back.

Myul-Mang was there at the funeral hall the day Dong-Kyung’s Mother died, crying and on his knees. Myul-Mang brushes aside this accusation though and tells her to head home. Once there, he warns Dong-Kyung not to show her bracelet to anyone.

The next day, Dong-Kyung realizes she has a brand new CEO at the company…it’s Myul-Mang. She’s not happy and shocked that he’s there.

After hearing that Sonyeoshin was at the funeral too, bumping past her earlier on, Myul-Mang confronts the girl. It’s a brief conversation in truth, one cryptically discussing fate. This paves way for Dong-Kyung returning, and she breaks down on the floor, clutching her head. Myul-Mang tells her to pity herself as she’ll eventually want to die and wish the end of the world to be brought about.

Well, Dong-Kyung comes up with a plan of her own, and looks set to commit suicide and jump over the edge. Myul-Mang grabs her wrist though and pulls her forward.

It turns out Dong-Kyung has figured it all out and knows he would grab her. She intends to love him now and do so deeply enough that she’ll want to destroy the world for him. As he grabs her and pulls the girl close, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service has some serious goblin vibes now – and I am all for it. The contract, the house and the doomed love between beings all feeds into that same energy, and it works beautifully here. In a way, Tale of the Nine Tailed attempted to hit the same stride last year and while the fantasy elements were on point, arguably the chemistry between leads was not.

Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung have some excellent scenes together and this episode has a lot of comedic elements too. The way both houses are pulled together into one set is incredibly slick and works well to show the two differing worlds coming together.

It’s clear these two have a deep-rooted connection and Myul-Mang clearly has feelings for her – even if he doesn’t know how to express it.

Myul-Mang claims he can’t cry, eat or sleep but it doesn’t stop him from at least trying to experience those emotions. Hopefully we’ll see more of his past going forward, especially next to Sonyeoshin’s growing influence over this drama. And what is her deal too? Why is Myul-Mang so concerned about her?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon but for now this episode bows out on a high.

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