Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Withering Heights

Episode 4 of Doom at Your Service begins with the aftermath of our rooftop drama. Dong-Kyung is not happy and gives Myul-Mang the cold shoulder.

She tries to force the issue, telling him to come and lie next to her. Back to back, the pair lie on Myul-Mang’s bed discussing their fate and what happened on the roof. She does, however, mention that the look he gave her was pretty cold and scary. Well, as they lie together Myul-Mang reaches out to touch her face… and stops.

He remembers Sonyeoshin’s words about compassion and worries that he’s starting to grow feelings for her. Myul-Mang is desperate to cast that aside though, and heads out into the street, listening to the different commuters’ thoughts.

He amusingly stops by a woman handing out flyers about doom and reincarnation. He questions her resolve and eventually leaves when he notices the murder trial relating to Dong-Kyung’s Mother on the news.

Meanwhile, Dong-Kyung awakens and tries to make Myul-Mang fall in love with her. That comes from meeting Ji-Na who mentions “the moment”. Of course, Dong-Kyung doesn’t have time to wait but does learn that Ji-Na’s first kiss was with Cha Joo-Ik, her colleague from work.

This leads to quite the awkwardness at work as Dong-Kyung can’t stop looking at him. Eventually she learns that he kissed someone he disliked out of pity. Could this be referring to Ji-Na?

Well, it seems to be as Joo-Ik eventually heads home and finds himself in the presence of the erratic Hyun-Kyu. He managed to get Ji-Na’s number but when he shows Joo-Ik her picture, his strained expression is telling.

Hilariously, Dong-Kyung sits at home and tries to work out how to fall in love with Myul-Mang. She mentions how he needs to have good looks while watching a Lee Dong-Wook drama. I want to say it’s Tale of the Nine Tailed but it could also be Goblin too – a cheeky throwback to the references this drama has.

Anyway, Dong-Kyung concocts a number of different scenes with the intent of trying to force the issue. Of course, you can’t rush or force love.

Eventually Myul-Mang brings her to his world, full of flowers and a path. However, the colour bleeds out of this world as Dong-Kyung realizes that this is the deity’s destiny; to bring about the destruction and end of things. Symbolically, Dong-Kyung steps forward and holds his hand, prompting colour to wash back into this fantasy.

This short-lived burst of romance is soon thwarted when Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang come to blows again. Both of them deny their feelings, with Myul-Mang telling himself he doesn’t care about humans -and more specifically Dong-Kyung.

Dong-Kyung meanwhile, mopes around at home until she receives a call from the hospital. It’s Sun-Kyung and Dong-Kyung expects the worst. Thankfully he’s okay, excitedly chatting away on his phone. Only, Dong-Kyung is not happy when she sees him ,given the shock and worry originally.

On the way out the door, Dong-Kyung bumps into Myul-Mang again. Only, the inmate arrested for Dong-Kyung’s Mother’s murder suddenly shows and bursts out the back of the ambulance and brandishes a knife. He rushes over to Myul-Mang but he grabs it before the man can do any damage. In fact, he knocks him back and forces the man to slit his own throat.

Meanwhile, Sun-Kyung learns the truth about his sister and finds himself weeping.

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service returns with another good episode, one that deepens the ties between Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung. It’s clear that he has feelings for her but he’s trying really hard to disguise that. Myul-Mang is clearly conflicted and it seems Dong-Kyung is the one constant in his life that’s different to the norm.

There’s some poetic irony in that too, especially given the unhappy life Dong-Kyung has lived. For much of her existence she’s kept to the shadows, avoiding the eyes of many and taken advantage of for her troubles.

The fantasy elements in this drama work really well and they tie in with the romance nicely. The chemistry between the two leads is fantastic and every episode they seem to be growing in confidence too. There’s some nice nods to other fantasy dramas and the self-aware tone this one is taking lends itself nicely to sidestep (or lean into) some of the obvious tropes.

Either way, Doom at Your Service is a really solid drama and the ending paves the way nicely for a dramatic follow-up next week.

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  1. The Lee Dong-Wook drama is Tale of the Nine Tailed: it’s the first episode, when Lee Yeon crashes the wedding.

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