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Going into Netflix’s documentary series about man’s best friend, I have a confession to make. I’m a cat person through and through. Now, having admitted this I can confidently say Dogs is one of the most heartwarming documentaries released in quite some time, one that does a fantastic job showing our deep rooted relationship with our canine companions.

Split across 6 globe-trotting episodes, Dogs shows a diverse range of people from all walks of life, diving into their relationships with their dogs. From a war torn Syrian refugee desperate to reunite with his dog back home to a Costa Rican couple dedicating their lives to helping abandoned dogs left on the streets, Dogs does a wonderful job showcasing just how strong our relationship with these animals can be.

Be prepared to get emotional here too. Given how much time is spent dedicated to showing these people and their lives, when it comes to Dogs’ resolve, there are some truly heartbreaking and tear jerking moments through every episode. Without giving too much away, the episode about the Syrian refugee is incredibly moving while individual scenes peppered throughout the series do well to keep up this level of emotional resolve.

As with other documentaries of its type, Dogs mixes face to face interviews with a reality-style format which inevitably means there is some drama involved in each episode. While this does admittedly work quite well to keep the pacing consistent, it also feels a tad superficial when perhaps this time could have been better served to show more around the emotional intelligence of the various canines.

Still, its a minor point in what’s otherwise a very well produced documentary series. If you like animals you’ll certainly enjoy this and if you’re a dog person, Dogs will only reinforce just why these animals are so loved and revered around the world. The various people we meet along the way are easy to warm to and do well to articulate their concerns or issues and how dogs have helped them through these tough times. For that alone Dogs is one of the most heartwarming documentaries released this year and regardless of whether you’re a dog person or not, there’s enough here to make Dogs a great documentary series to check out.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10