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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 13 Recap & Review

Selling The Building

Episode 13 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Joon sitting with Ra-Ra on the beach as she chuckles. It turns out 6 months ago the business plan from Seung-Ki and Ha-Young happened to be revolving around weddings. Joyful weddings, to be precise.

Using their college tuition, they prepare to start advertising but need a couple for their vlog to advertise their business. Who better than Eun-Seok and Ra-Ra to be used as models?

They’re initially awkward and hesitant but they manage to channel their inner-professionalism to do this for Seung-Ki and Ha-Young.

The vlog gets underway and Seung-Ki continues to film everything taking place in the church. Rapturous applause fills the church… until Joon shows up and interferes in what’s going on. This explains Kim’s laughing…as Eun-Seok comments how every wedding Ra-Ra attends ends in disaster. He chuckles to himself too and it’s good that he’s taking this with a light heart.

Down on the beach, Joon hugs Ra-Ra warmly and eventually kisses her properly. With everything looking up for them, Eun-Seok’s ex wife speaks to Eun-Seok and asks to see his place. He refuses though but watches from afar.

As he heads inside, we cut back again to find out that Eun-Seok isn’t Dodosolsol but promised to help Ra-Ra try and find who it is. In order to do so, they hired the best person for the job – Min-Su. Only, this comes at a cost.

That cost happens to be allowing Min-Su to stay at his place. This certainly comes with its perks though, as Eun-Seok wakes up in the morning to find a table full of freshly cooked food.

Afterward, Min-Su heads back out again and continues investigating. It turns out Mr Kim was the one who bought the piano for her. Only, as Ra-Ra rushes over to his greenhouse, he passes out on the floor clutching his chest. She rushes him to hospital as she finds out he had an angina attack.

Outside, Eun-Seok speaks to Sook-Kyeong about the piano and how Mr Kim is Dodosolsollalasol. Ra-Ra heads outside after too and rings Joon to let him know what’s happened. Together, they decide to pray for Mr Kim’s safety.

When he recovers, Mr Kim’s son decides they’re going to sell the building and also his greenhouse too, with plans of moving to Seoul.

Unsure where else to turn, Ra-Ra and Sook-Kyeong hire Man-Su to track down Secretary Moon but he has a condition – he wants three passes to eat with Sook-Kyeong. Commenting how high Sook-Kyeong’s walls are, he agrees to her terms and clutches the three spoons symbolizing three meals tightly.

Lo and behold, Min-Su finds Secretary Moon quickly and even has pictures of him at Rose Cosmetics but it looks like he’s a chairman. Oh no…the curse of the evil chairman strikes back again! Only…this happens to be a movie shoot and not actually what’s happening. Phew!

Ra-Ra shows up in person with Ha-Young and the pair catch up on what they’ve been up to. Ra-Ra even receives a stack of cash for her troubles afterward as the pair go their separate ways. .

Meanwhile, Seung-Ki rings Joon and asks for some money given his business is starting to struggle. Joon tells him to search for a tin and within that happens to be a whole stack of notes. Is this enough to help?

Joon can’t stop thinking about Eunpo and eventually sits with his Mother, discussing what’s been happening. He asks her to go to Eunpo and she agrees, especially given Mr Kim is in hospital.

Eun-Seok shows up too and the pair sit outside and talk. They talk openly about their lives and what’s been happening. They jokingly discuss their pursuit of Ra-Ra, including how Eun-Seok’s heart has been healed thanks to those around him. He also promises not to tell Ra-Ra that Joon was there too given the promise he made her.

Seung-Ki and Ha-Young find their wedding video has gone viral. They’ve even received an email that could be their ticket to a successful future. As the good news continues, it turns out Eun-Seok has decided to buy the building which solves a lot of their problems.

While Ra-Ra is happy, she wishes Joon was there to celebrate with him. Only, he’s too busy looking at rings. As he does, a girl called Ga-Yeong shows up who appears to be Joon’s ex and greets him.

During the epilogue, Ra-Ra loses the teacup on the vintage tea-set in Lala Land and wonders where it is. It turns out Joon is the one who’s taken it!

The Episode Review

So the wedding turned out to be fake and kudos to all those who guessed that twist from the previous episode comments!

With everything starting to come together now, Do Do really leans into its romcom vibes to deliver one of this year’s funniest Korean dramas. It’s been a great series so far with a lot of excellent performances and funny segments.

Mimi has been great too and the various interactions with her – including the dog’s speech bubbles – helps to double down on the light-hearted feel of this drama. The ending certainly leaves the door wide open though and quite who this girl is and how Joon will react to this revelation remains to be seen!


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