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A Furtive Tear

Episode 14 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Joon running into Ga-Yeong in the jewelry store. He’s cold toward her though, especially given their past.

As we cut back in time, we see more of Ga-Yeong as she happened to be one of the students from their school. Overhearing Joon and Ji-Hun’s conversation, she interjected and promised to go after the same Field Medal they were striving toward.

Jumping back to the present, we learn Ga-Yeong got into Stanford university. It turns out she saw the wedding crashing video online and calls Ra-Ra lame. He scoffs at her but she catches him off-guard when she suddenly reveals that she likes him – and always has. This, of course, causes quite the dilemma for him.

Meanwhile, Ra-Ra visits Seung-Ki and knows that he likes Ha-Young. In fact, if someone as dull as her can figure it out then it’s safe to say everyone else knows too. This causes quite the shock for him

Back at the salon, a patron arrives and asks for a refund given her date fell through thanks to her haircut. It turns out he wanted straight hair and rejected her because of it.

Ha-Young is determined not to let her Mum be pushed around but Sook-Kyeong has a different way of looking at things in life. She had to eke her way through to make sure they weren’t homeless. After their big fight, Ha-Young storms out just as Min-Su shows and sees that she’s clearly upset.

He brandishes the first of the spoons and claims that he carries them around with him everywhere he goes. Min-Su tells Sook-Kyeong he’s good with knives, and with Eun-Seok good with saws and her with scissors, they could be the three musketeers. As they talk, Min-Su comments on Eun-Seok’s medication and how he never goes without it.

As we cut to the office, it turns out Eun-Seok has lost his medication. He phones his ex asking for the pill case and her smile quickly disappears when she realizes he’s just ringing to find this, not for any social reason.

She finds the box in her car and given how concerned she is, decides to get it tested in the hospital to find out what’s going on. Is Eun-Seok terminally ill?

Well, later in the episode we find out for certain… he’s definitely not and it’s just vitamins. There’s a hilarious moment in the middle of this though, especially when Jung-Nam tells Yun-Sil that Eun-Seok is dying as a joke. What the pair do find out however, is that Joon happens to be the Director’s son.

Meanwhile, Mr Kim’s condition has not changed so Ra-Ra visits Sook-Kyeong and reminisces with her over old photos of Ha-Young as a kid. It’s a lovely trip down memory lane as Ra-Ra learns Sook-Kyeong was 20 years old and without any family support when she was pregnant.

Everyone around her seemed to be happy though, especially given it was Christmas time. To try and push aside her doubts, Sook-Kyeong head into a music shop and listened to music, crying and vowing to have a better life for her child.

Her partner happened to run away too and now as a single parent, she’s put everything into trying to make Ha-Young the best child she could be. It’s a really touching story and one that sees her go out of her way to find the prenatal CD that holds a lot of these memories.

Eventually Ra-Ra finds it in her room and she phones Ha-Young, convincing her to head home to enjoy her favourite dish that Sook-Kyeong has cooked – braised chicken. Ra-Ra has a surprise for them all though round the dinner table, and she plays the soothing classical music from the prenatal CD.

Meanwhile, Joon finishes his mock exams and eventually is convinced to head out with Ga-Yeong. He’s supposed to be visiting Ra-Ra later that evening but with Ga-Yeong desperate to win him over, she drugs her coffee, makes him drink some and drives away.

Seung-Ki and Ha-Young’s relationship continues to blossom as they find an old wish box from the past. Within that box happens to be a letter from Seung-Ki wishing for Ha-Young to fall for him. As he reads it, he gets up and walks away in embarrassment

Later that evening, he asks her to give him a haircut. As she shows up at the salon, he presents a tribute of their time together, complete with a home video explaining how he really feels about her.

Love heart balloons and even signs up on the wall paint a tapestry of love. It’s an amazing display of affection and one that ends with him asking whether they can be together for their first day as a couple.

Joon shows up in the room with a cake, where she blows out the candle signifying their first day together as a proper couple. She kisses him on the cheek and enjoys her gifts… is someone cutting onions in here?

Meanwhile. Ra-Ra heads over to Joon’s house but finds Ga-Yeong outside about to leave. She, in turn, notices Ra-Ra hiding round the comer and confronts the girl. She tells Ra-Ra to break up with Joon but she refuses.

When she heads home, Ha-Young finds Ra-Ra sitting alone in her room. Realizing something is up, she gets her boyfriend to phone Jun and find out what’s getting her down. Eventually Ra-Ra admits the truth that Joon seems to have another girlfriend. They need to get to the bottom of this and decide to convince Min-Su to work with them.

With his hired help, Min-Su heads out with his subordinate and runs into Joon and Ga-Yeong together. Unfortunately Joon spots them and they start talking.

With the door to Lala Land locked, Min-Su returns and shows all the pictures of Joon and Ga-Yeong together. They’re holding hands and it certainly doesn’t look good. Even worse, Ra-Ra happens to be listening from the salon.

She heads in and sees all the pictures, suspecting the worst. As Joon phones her, she deliberates over whether to answer or not.

Eventually she heads in and intends to confront Joon over what she’s seen. He breaks up with her, claiming he doesn’t like her anymore and tells Ra-Ra to forget a jerk like him. As he leaves, Ra-Ra breaks down into tears. What is happening with Joon?

Well, it’s a heartbreaking moment and one that sees Joon head back home and begin sobbing uncontrollably in bed himself. This is all his Mother’s doing seemingly, given she wanted this to happen.

In the midst of all this, Ms Gong phones and tells Ra-Ra she’s moving back to Korea. It’s a glimmer of sunshine in the midst of these dark storm clouds, as Ra-Ra checks her messages and promises to pick her up from the airport.

Only, when she gets there she finds Joon standing with his bag. Looking downhearted, she decides against interjecting as Joon and Ga-Yeong walk away and head toward the departures.

During the epilogue, we see Joon outside the restaurant and struggling to control his own emotions after breaking up with Ra-Ra.

The Episode Review

Phew, what a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Seung-Ki and Ha-Young’s big romantic gesture at the salon was full-on heartwarming and definitely emotional while the heartbreak between Joon and Ra-Ra continues to escalate.

Will we get a happily ever after with this drama? We’ll have to wait and see of course, but the preview for next week certainly looks to cast a fair few doubts before we find out.

Still, the episode does a great job fleshing out Sook-Kyeong too, who finally reveals more of her past and what’s been happening with her through the prenatal CD. It’s another great segment to the supporting cast who all have their own unique quips and tropes.

So far Do Do has been one of the best romcoms of the year and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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5 thoughts on “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. This Kdrama is so well written and the cast has a fabulous chemistry. The plots, twists and surprises keep you watching. By far the best series I have seen. Well done!

  2. If you stuck around for the previews and used your noodle a bit you can guess that the mother, at Joon’s request, bought the building for Joon on the stipulation that he completely severs ties with her. He obviously is doing this for the bigger good he believes he can for Ra Ra. I know it sucks but it will turn around, I’m sure. If it doesn’t I will swear off K-dramas for the rest of my life….well, for the rest of the year.

  3. I think Joon had Min-su stage the dating photos with Ga-Yeong to help Ra Ra move on. I’m also baffled at the 360, but he probably thought it was for her good (Oh Korean dramas….). I think he’s probably going to Standford to make good on his promise to his late friend though.

  4. So bummed out with the way this upbeat drama swiftly turned into heartbreak! 😢 Can’t imagine what happened for Joon to have done a 360 on Ra-ra … the breakup scene was cruel.

  5. Maybe Goo Ra ra needs to move to Seoul and have a fresh start in a bigger city. I hope she finds happiness since she had a rough time. At least she had a short-lived romance.
    My heart goes out to her.

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