Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Separate Ways Or Back Together?

How did Margherita and Carlo first meet?

Episode 6 of Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire begins six years before the events of our current timeline. Carlo is in a cafe and first meets Margherita when she shows up for a drink; he’s reading a book, she’s about to order something to drink.

When Carlo leaves, he forgets his phone on the table, prompting Margherita to hurry out and chase him down the street, trying to give it back. Only, she slips en-route and falls on the floor, hurting her ankle.

When Carlo does eventually ring his phone from work, he flirts with Margherita a little as she admires his Tchaikovsky ringtone. She leads him along to the hospital, where she happens to be inside. However, this starts their relationship and subsequent fallout.

Where are Carlo and Margherita now?

Fast forward to the present and Sofia returns to see Carlo after her trip. Sofia’s book has been published and they have the first copies of it. It’s due to go on sale shortly and things are looking up for her.

Margherita meanwhile, is pressing ahead with opening her studio, as the pair continue to steam ahead with their lives separately from one another. Margherita is also still hanging with Andrea too, as the pair go for a jog together.

How do Carlo and Margherita meet again?

Carlo soon rings though, breaking her mood as she hurries to the hospital. Her mum, Anna, has been taken in to hospital with a fracture, although she should pull through without any ensuing drama.

Margherita is thankful that he rang her, and there’s certainly some poetry to them meeting back up in the hospital again, of all places. Carlo decides to stick around and make sure Anna heals up.

Carlo has changed since we first saw him in episode 1. Since the Sofia incident, and seeing Margherita with a new lease on life, has made him look at her differently. She seems stronger and more confident, which has rekindled old feelings.

Carlo relays these concerns over to Marco later that day, while Margherita does the same with her girlfriends. They encourage her to properly settle things with Carlo, believing there’s unresolved issues between them.

Does Carlo take the job in Paris?

Interestingly though, Carlo is offered a big opportunity to go and work in Paris. This would mean moving away from Milan, Sofia and Margherita. Will he take it though? For now, he shows up to present Sofia’s new book.

Margherita arrives late though, just as Carlo gives an impassioned speech about writing and how it can help to air out any concerns or issues one has. She doesn’t stick around though, as she soon leaves and heads to the studio ahead of the big opening.

At the studio, Margherita admits she’s terrified of opening her studio and taking the next step of her life’s journey. She discusses celebrating a new start, and how this is a new chapter in her life, seemingly cementing her stance in turning away from Carlo and her failed marriage to focus on her work.

This would also open the door for Carlo to take the role in Paris, but that’s unfortunately not answered this season!

Does Carlo show up at Margherita’s studio?

Carlo rings in the midst of these celebrations and apologizes for not showing up at the studio. With Tchaikovsky playing in the background, he accurately manages to describe her setting, including exactly what she’s wearing. How?

Well, it turns out he’s outside in the street watching her. This is, of course, a throwback to when they were on the phone together when they first met.

Heading outside, the pair catch up and reflect on how their marriage was never going to work out. Regardless of the misunderstanding that occurred in the bathroom that started all of this, these two are in a different place now.

How does Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire end?

Carlo admits that the changes he’s gone through since they’ve broken up have been inspired by her; a beautiful tribute to their long-standing marriage. In the street, they kiss – a final kiss perhaps? – as Carlo asks what’s next for them. She smiles, telling him that’s up to him as she heads back inside.

The Episode Review

So Devotion: A Story of Love And Desire bows out with a conclusive-ish final chapter that sees Carlo and Margherita going their separate ways. However, there is still an inkling that a second season could materialize, focusing on the pair potentiality getting back together. Personally though, I’d like it if that doesn’t happen.

Marriage doesn’t always work and it’s clear that Carlo and Margherita are in much better places because they’re not together. Sure they attempted to get back together in episodes 3 and 4, but their biggest inspirations have been finding time away from one another.

The show has been a bit predictable at times and the music has been ill-fitting too, with lots of pop tracks that give this a much cheesier feel than it perhaps should. It’s still an enjoyable ride, and this final episode leaves things on an ambiguous note.


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