Debris – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

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I Am Icarus 

Debris episode 10 sees our twisty time loop story return with a dramatic conclusion in this second part. This time Bryan jumps back with Shelby to reveal a big twist.

Kathleen is alive this time and Shelby isn’t at the house. Bryan is now faced with a new dilemma. The degradation is getting worse, and the glittery projections now scatter right the way across the living room.

When Grace shows up, she sees this for herself and remains desperate to clear them out and wait for back-up. Bryan though, has other ideas.

He believes George Jones has the answers they seek and sets to work trying to contact him. The only trouble is, the Bryan in this reality actually killed him 2 months back at the influx center. Realizing what this means, Kathleen bolts and hurries outside. Bryan follows and the two jump to another reality again after holding onto the debris piece.

Alas, the plot thickens. This time Bryan is gone and Kathleen is visited by Finola and her new partner, Jones. George Jones is still very much alive now and he’s working at Langley with Maddox. Finola relays what she’s been told and he repeats that same line about a deck of cards. He’s also adamant that Kathleen should not be allowed to jump again.

However, he ironically disagrees with his own hypothesis about the degradation. As they talk, a rift opens up showing both Bryan and Shelby standing in another reality.

With a board in hand, they write out “we can see you.” Kathleen realizes it’s all her fault and refuses to listen to Finola’s pleas to stick around. Instead, she jumps once again. This time, Finola and Kathleen communicate with each other through a rift in reality. And just like that, everything disappears. Kathleen convinces Finola to join her as they jump once again.

This time, Finola remembers what she’s been told and relays that to a very-much-alive George Jones. They deduce that everything is linked to bilateral deviation.

Specifically, they’re two strands of the same reality and all four need to jump simultaneously by synchronizing their watches. Finola and Bryan lead the charge, setting their watches for a 2 minute countdown.

All four then manage to jump back to their correct time periods. Amusingly, Finola and Bryan both show up to see Shelby and Kathleen, who happen to be together. Finola and Bryan however, can’t remember what’s happened.

As the episode closes out, Anson grabs one of the guards while he’s passing food through the tray slot. When he heads back to the main door, Anson somehow knows what buttons he’s pressing to leave. What could be going on with him?

The Episode Review

Debris returns with an excellent conclusion to this wild two-part trip. Most of Debris has been pretty mediocre in truth, with glimmers of promise sprinkled across the 8 episodes preceding this two parter. However, the past few episodes have been really well written and showcase the potential this series has going forward.

The fun trips and the way both characters are given free reign to really let their characters loose is certainly great to see. In a way, this episode feels like a mash-up of Edge of Tomorrow and The X-Files episode “Dreamland” where Mulder switched bodies with an Area 51 operative called Morris Fletcher. Although to be fair the tone in that was slightly different to what we’ve got here. Anyway, I digress.

Debris is shaping up to be one of the bigger surprises this year and if this two-parter is anything to go by, we could be in for a wild trip with the rest of this show.

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  1. I agree, these two episodes were standouts, really made me see the show for what it can be. Great two parter.

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