Death’s Game (2023) K-Drama Cast & Character Guide: Who stars in this fantasy drama?

Death’s Game Cast & Character Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive cast and character guide, serving as your essential companion as we delve into the captivating world of Death’s Game.

Here, we’ll introduce you to the ensemble of main characters that drive the story’s heart and soul, along with the director, writer, and any supporting characters worth mentioning.

To help you along, we’ll also break down what else they’ve been in. So, without further ado, here is the cast starring in Death’s Game:

DIRECTOR –  Ha Byung Hoon

Ha Byung Hoon is a well-known writer, screenwriter and Director. So far, he has directed three K-dramas: 18 Again, Go Back Couple, and The Sound of Your Heart.  He is set to be the screenwriter and director in Death’s Game.

WRITER- Lee Won-Sik 

Lee Won-shik, a Korean Academy of Film Arts graduate, has been cementing his status in the Korean entertainment scene. He works as a producer or director when he is not writing. Some of his work includes the films Traveller From The North and Korean Bible Route. 


Seo In Guk as Choi Yi Jae 

Choi Yi Jae is a man sick and tired of life’s ups and downs. He kills himself after losing his job, getting dumped and losing all his life savings after being scammed. Unfortunately for him, Death gets offended by his action and decides to punish him for his frivolous attitude towards dying. I guess for Yi Jae, when it rains, it pours.

Seo In Guk is one of the beloved Hallyu stars who shot to fame after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in 2009. He then launched his acting career in 2012 in the K-drama “Love Rain”. However, his acting career took off later after scoring a main role in the hit show Reply 1997. Since then, he has been in numerous movies and series, such as Pipeline, Navillera, Doom at Your Service, and Café Minamdang.  And yes, he still sings; his new single album Love&Love was released in 2022. 

Park So Dam as Death

Death is pissed at Yi Jae’s frivolous attitude towards dying and decides to punish him by playing a little mean game. She says he must experience death over and over again through 13 other lives. However, if Yi Jae can survive one of these deaths, then he gets to live out their lifetime.

Death’s gane will be Park So Dam’s return to the small TV screens after battling papillary thyroid cancer. Thankfully, she took time off to focus on regaining her health and is now healthy. Dam is a talented actress mostly known for her role in the highly acclaimed movie Parasite. She has also been in different hit K-dramas, such as  Record of Youth and Cinderella with Four Knights. 

Supporting Characters 

Death’s Game is already creating a buzz because of its impressive, highly talented cast list. While Seo In Guk and Park So Dam will be the main characters, the supporting character list looks like a dream come true for many K-drama fans.  The show probably has the most exciting cast of 2023. 

We are certainly counting the days until December 15th to see Kim Ji-hoon, who we last saw in Ballerina (Netflix K-movie). 

He will be joined by Go Youn Jung, who slayed in her role as Hee-soo in the hit series Moving.

Lastly, we have Nam Kyung Eup, known for his different roles in many hit K-dramas, including The King’s Affection, Crash Landing on You and Hotel De Luna.

Other Cast

Kim Jae Wook, Lee Do Hyun, Jang Seung Jo, Choi Si Won, Lee Jae Wook, Sung Hoon, Oh Jung Se, Kim Kang Hoon, and Yoo In Soo will be playing the different reincarnations of Yi Jae. 

It looks like Death’s Game’s cast director decided to serve us visuals and talent on one plate in one sitting, and we are grateful for it.

The show will premier on December 15th; in the meantime, check out the trailer below:


What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Death’s Game so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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