Dead Boy Detectives – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Case of the Two Dead Dragons

In episode 5 of Dead Boy Detectives, Crystal has another encounter with David the demon while she’s sleeping. She wakes up with a scream and the boys rush over. Charles approach her for a kiss but Crystal wants to be friends since she’s been dealing with a lot and Charles also have his own baggage to sort and they agree.

In the meantime, two lost dead high-schoolers ask Edwin for help. They seem to have died with alcohol poisoning but they’re sure they didn’t have much and suspect that they have been murdered. They offer to pay and the agency takes on their case.

Niko, while sending a letter back to her mother, witnesses someone sending a letter to Jenny and follows her. It turns out to be Maxine, the librarian, and Nico finds her new couple to set up. The four meet and it’s revealed that Niko knows about their deaths. Apparently, they were well-liked and the everybody mourned for them for 2 months. Niko adds that she has her own mystery to solve and so she won’t be joining the group.

The dead boys, Brad and Hunter, show them their party spot where the two found themselves and they tell them about seeing a haunted tree with eyes. Charles and Edwin transform into reporters with Crystal assisting them. They interview a bunch of people but nobody really knows exactly what happened. Crystal gets a lead to a creepy boy and after scaring him, he tells them about Brad’s ex-girlfriend might be the killer, who killed herself a month later. The group then try to invoke Shelby.

Shelby is angry over what happened to her. She tells them that while she was Brad’s girlfriend, she was on her way to train for the Olympics before Brad and Hunter spiked her drink leading her to fail her drug test. She lost her scholarships and career. She emphasises that she did not kill them but she regrets taking her own life. At this time, Maren contacts Crystal to tell her the truth.

When the three, Crystal, Edwin and Charles, appear at Maren’s house, the two boys find that Maren is the murderer due to the tree outside her room with “eyes” drawn on the trunks. They inform Crystal who’s about to drink poisoned alcohol and Maren confesses to her crime.

She explains that Brad had sent her intimate pictures to Hunter and was threatening to send it to others. So, Maren wanted to make them unconscious so she can delete the picture from his phone but ended up accidently killing them both. She later had some help and made the death appear as alcohol poisoning. Later, she turns herself in to the police and since Brad and Hunter’s unfinished business is resolved, they are taken to hell for their bad deeds. Case Closed.

Meanwhile, Niko convinces Jenny for a date night with Maxine. Everything’s rosy and great until Jenny realises that Maxine is obsessed with her and is a chronic stalker. Jenny asks her to leave but Maxine becomes agitated and chase after Jenny with a knife. But she slips and dies with a nail through her head. This is when Niko and Crystal appear and they all call the police. The episode ends with Crystal’s unpleasant encounter with David yet again. Elsewhere, Monty and Edwin talk where Monty misunderstands that Edwin likes him. Monty kisses him but is disappointed to know that Edwin does not feel the same way. 

The Episode Review

The fun part about this episode was when Maxine and Jenny’s date turns into a mini slasher thriller, with Jenny reiterating how people who send printed letters are psychopaths. The reference to the slasher genre is smartly incorporated which makes the entire episode a tad bit more interesting than it already its.

Moreover, this episode is building up on Charles’ and Crystal’s trauma, especially on Charles fears that he might become like his father, Brad and Hunter. The episode also highlighted real-life problems that high-school students often face and emphasize its disastrous impacts on someone’s life.

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