The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Masters of Shadows

Episode 9 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) displays a stretcher-bound Wang Ling as he’s carried away by School 59’s medical staff. Tang Jingze thinks ‘that guy’ He Bufang has something to do with it.

Sun Rong tries to follow Wang Ling to the infirmary but Tang Jingze stops her to re-introduce himself, since they’d taken study classes together. Of course, she’s not in the mood for chatting after what happened to her Wang Ling.

She winds up to hit him but Student Council Secretary Isabelle blocks the punch. Chen Chao runs in to support Sun Rong but other members of the 59 team block him.

Before they come to blows, Tang Jingze guarantees Wang Ling’s safety on their campus. No sooner has he gestured toward Wang Ling, the stretcher is suddenly engulfed in purple flame. Instructor Xie quickly reacts, wrapping Wang Ling in bandages to protect him.

Tang Jingze claims it must be Qi Deviation making him unstable (and presumably flammable). Sun Rong takes offense for him and draws her spiritual sword. But before she can use it, Administrator Wang steps in. Tang Jingze is given the nod to apologise and they all head in for the tour. From the rooftop, He Bufang appears to have a handful of purple flames.

In the Infirmary, the medics find an empty shroud. Wang Ling uses the Art of Teleportation to escape but spent spiritual power in the process, making him increasingly unstable. Our narrator friend asserts that more use could send him into a rampage and cause cataclysmic disaster.

Wang Ling calls his Dad who darts from the loo to his son’s rescue by flying sword-board. He’ll be able to replace the talisman before Wang Ling loses control.

In the arena, the kids from 59 have a laugh at the awe of the 60’s students. There’s a briefing on the competition which is a five-on-five battle. Instructor Xie sarcastically notes they would have held the event on 60’s campus but they seem to be having some security issues at the moment.

Wang Ling is lost in the halls of 59 but Sword Spirit identifies a doorway. While in the arena, School 60 meets He Bufang, the fifth member of 59’s team. He approaches Sun Rong with an offer to switch teams but she’s not impressed. Neither is Chen Chao.

As Chen Chao makes a move, He Bufang throws him, disintegrating his arm. Wang Ling just happens to step through that door and catches Chen Chao, recreating his arm faster than anyone can see. Administrator Wang realises He Bufang practices the way of negative energy.

Is it Froggy who observes that Wang Ling is steps away from levels of negative energy that would doom the mortal realm? Chen Chao starts to warn him about He Bufang just as Wang Ling matter-of-factly takes a call from his Dad. He tells him can’t get away at the moment.

While Wang Ling’s Dad gets a ticket outside (perhaps for speeding), back in the arena He Bufang ponders Wang Ling’s power in repairing Chen Chao’s arm. He’d used the Grand Art of Restoration, which consequently pushes Wang Ling further toward losing control.

He Bufang reads Wang Ling’s power with a punch to the face. But learns he’s void of spiritual force. Wang Ling manages to whip He Bufang’s rose away unnoticed and passes it to Sun Rong.

Instructor Xie proposes a rest in their prep areas. Meanwhile Shadow Faction Leader had been watching from the ceiling. And Zhou Yi finally figures out the plot, heading over to 59.

As 60 heads to their break room, Wang Ling redirects to find 59-only limited-edition sweet potato Racoon ramen. And He Bufang notices a girly Shadow Leader, tossing her some cheesy lines. She tries to pretend she’s a new student but he doesn’t fall for it, which leads to a battle.

Wang Ling happens upon them to witness Shadow Leader torturing He Bufang. He drops his precious ramen as she spots him too.

The Episode Review

It looks like 59 isn’t in a position to lose any of its players, or the team will have to forfeit. So Force Five is going to have to compete to hold up his side of the friends deal. It seemed like when he went off to find sweet potato ramen it was an opportunity to meet up with his Dad. But no, he actually went for ramen. Priorities.

Does Wang Ling realise how close he is to the brink? I’m sure his Spirit Sword will continue ghosting in to remind him. And maybe Froggy 2 will help. Maybe. However it looks like he’ll soon be cornered into using his powers again to save He Bufang. It’s not looking good for that guy at the moment as he hangs upside down.

There are quite a few opportunities for Wang Ling to be discovered – the medics may report his disappearance and subsequent miraculous healing. He Bufang may figure out Chen Chao’s arm regeneration and that Wang Ling is concealing his power. And there’s that impending catastrophe that he’ll likely tip off as he saves He Bufang from Shadow Leader. I mean, you can’t leave a guy hanging… Episode 10 is teeing up to be a good one.

Ooh, and passing that flower to Sun Rong – somehow that seems to be the most dangerous move. Dear Wang Ling, you didn’t learn a thing at the amusement park, did you? Or did you?


Any ideas on the tune Wang Ling is humming in that final scene? Fandoms don’t seem to have the answer, so share it if you know it in the comments section below! That’s exactly the kind of random detail we love 🙂

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