The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review


Episode 10 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) lands Wang Ling and He Bufang on the roof of an abandoned school building hog-tied with Immortal Binding Rope. Shadow Leader believes He Bufang must have some talent as he saw through her student-like disguise.

As she stomps on an unruffled Wang Ling we’re reminded that he’s a powder keg soon to explode. Luckily the booting awakens Spiritual Sword. While believing she’s kicking a Force Value 5, Shadow Leader sees him as a convenient way to draw out Sun Rong.

Assisted by the jabbing, his talisman breaks and now Wang Ling must control his emotions on his own, without the seal’s support. As his power notches up, Spiritual Sword proves he’s more than a pretty slice of wood. He shouts that ramen is on sale and instantly pulls Wang Ling back to himself even with a shoe in his face.

In a meeting room, Schools 59 and 60 are still insulting each other. He Bufang, with a noticeably full head of hair, enters to exclaim that Wang Ling has been kidnapped. We see the real scalped one is still on the roof.

The Driver consoles his prisoners that they’ll be able to go home once Sun Rong is dead – because his boss has occupational ethics. He Bufang pitches himself as a recruit for their team at the same time assessing the jailor. He makes a tactical error in underestimating the old guy.

Inside, the fake He Bufang shares the terrible story of Wang Ling’s abduction. Zhou Yi figures it must be Shadow Faction and Isabelle scans for sources of power, identifying the hideout.

Sun Rong’s security team quickly bundles her away from harm but she escapes, ready to go after Wang Ling. Fully aware that she’s the target, she’s ready to rescue her ‘most precious friend.’ As a completely in charge Sun Rong leads her guard out, 59 decides to use this opportunity to observe their opponents’ combat technique.

Back on the roof, He Bufang notes that Wang Ling must have a higher force value than five as he’d repaired Chen Chao’s arm instantly. But a relaxed Wang Ling snoozes from his crucifix, safe in the knowledge that he won’t need to compete. They’ll have to cancel.

As He Bufang calls for help, the Driver clocks him down into the room below. Sun Rong and team charge ahead while 59 follows, noting that (the fake) He Bufang seems a bit odd.

The guards – plus team 60 – launch onto the grounds as the Driver shows off his true power. Meanwhile, Wang Ling’s Dad is still trying to enter the campus. He watches sparks fly through the air, likely presuming it’s caused by Wang Ling.

As Sun Rong is about to be defeated, Wang Ling turns back time, let’s He Bufang get stomped, then faces off with the Driver. He’s hoisted up as Sun Rong arrives on scene with Zhou Yi already in place to take the credit.

As an Immortal checks the area, Wang Ling asserts the hole in the roof was there before he arrived. Spiritual Sword pops up through the hole to check the plan but Wang Ling sends him back below to keep watch over He Bufang.

With a 59 team member out of commission, surely they’ll forfeit. But Tang Jingze has already snagged the fake He Bufang to assure their team is ready. Dang.

The contestants relinquish their phones, ready for combat to begin. Wang Ling wonders how He Bufang got away but sucks it up, ready to participate if he must. On the other side, Isabella collects data on Team 60 to share with Tang Jingze.

Fake He Bufang/Shadow Leader eyes her opportunity to kill Sun Rong in the field. As the team disappears into the fighting area, Wang Ling’s Dad races toward his son but misses him.

Zhou Yi takes the opportunity to glad-hand his Master’s father who explains on the QT why he’s there. As leader of the Immortals, he instantly grasps the situation.

The Episode Review

It seems Zhou Yi has an idea about the false He Bufang. But then again, he let the Games go ahead, so maybe not. Have you figured out whether Zhou Yi is terribly canny or a little oblivious? We’re still assessing as it seems it could go either way.

Meanwhile, with Wang Ling ready to blow, what will happen if he spots Shadow Leader attack Sun Rong? And without Spiritual Sword or his talisman, how will Wang Ling keep it together? Did you notice that moment when Wang Ling’s eyes turned green? See the image above for reference.

According to the fandom, that’s an indication of Wang Ling losing control and turning back time. To date, we’ve been led to believe that ‘out of control’ looks more like an explosion of epic proportions.

Maybe there’s more than one way for Wang Ling to go ballistic. Or maybe blanking out is just the start. Allegedly, when it happens, he doesn’t remember it. His not remembering wasn’t really crystal clear from what we saw, but perhaps we’ll come back to that piece in subsequent installments. There were a few moments where he was pushed to the edge so let’s keep watching for indications.

Meanwhile, the rivalry is riding so high, neither 60 nor 59 is able to walk away, no matter the crisis. It’s really more Ms Pan and Ms Xie dying to win over the other it seems. Not that the students aren’t competitive, however. Looks like we’ll find out next episode just how much.


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