The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

B++ is the Best Language in the World

Episode 6 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) shoots us to Wang Ling’s house where he’s recovering from pretending to be injured. Flashback to Sun Rong in full panic on the scene.

So worried is she, she sends a healing chamber to Wang Ling’s house where he’s then encased. The ‘all-emersion experience’ automatically showers him with medicine on the hour. His mother notes that after more than 10 days, it’s time for him to get back to school.

On cue, his friends show up with school-approved get-well gifts and assorted farm animals (the obvious choice). Guo Hao introduces his pet ‘Birdy 2,’a parrot that sees the funny side of Wang Ling’s multi-humped tomb. It could be worse.

As Mrs Wang serves snacks, Sun Rong takes the opportunity to get on the good side of her future potential mother-in-law. She gifts elixirs and nutrition pills from her family. Excited by the offering, Mrs Wang leaves her son to mercy of Sun Rong who wants to inject him with a HUGE needle to aid recovery.

The guys observe the change in Sun Rong since Wang Ling’s injury, noting she’d called in the family helicopter to rescue him. But back to the giant chicken blood needle – the process that goes with it has one cultivator fusing his spiritual power into the other.

Before she can jab him, Chen Chao remembers he’s got a wrist band from Administrator Wang for Wang Ling to use in the annual Spiritual Power Test. Sun Rong objects as it will sap his still-recuperating spiritual power.

To avoid the injection and the crazy look in Sun Rong’s eye, Wang Ling suddenly claims to feel better. The four demonstrate their power with the wrist band measuring output.

Chen Chao explains how it’s different from the entrance test, as it gauges the force created outside one’s body. There’s an odd visual of Chen Chao spying on someone using his power in the shower.

Moving swiftly on – this is how cultivator power can truly be measured. Across the country, students try their might competing for greater cultivation while Wang Ling attempts to hide his light under a basket.

At Songhai School 59, Liang Zheng tries his luck measuring his power to a laughable 1950 among his peers. Leader Tang Jingze goes next, weighing in at 4379 with a whoosh felt by the whole room. He may have even broken Zhou Yi’s record set 10 years previously.

Meanwhile in Wang Ling’s room his Songhai School 60 classmates have a go. Guo Hao scores a measly 176, to his embarrassment. Chen Chao drags him from the window.

As Sun Rong worries about the potential collateral damage of her power, Guo Hao and Chen Chao give their assessment Dragon Ball Z style. But they’re wrong. With house shaking power, Sun Rong scores 4015, making her second in the league tables. School 59 doesn’t take the intrusion into their shut-out lightly.

The guys chuckle as Wang Ling gears up for his attempt. Even though he hasn’t prepared, he thinks he can hit it lightly without causing too much disruption. Sun Rong offers him a boost with the chicken blood potion but he quickly declines.

As his force shoots up, Wang Ling calmly changes tack, deciding to overload the system instead of trying to stay under. As he works out where to disperse the energy, we catch a glimpse of a sun-sized sphere. The rest ponder how Wang Ling can get a ‘null’ on the test.

Unfortunately, Wang Ling rises to the top of the rankings. School 59 wonders about the null score too but presume it’s a computer glitch. Wang Ling is surprised the wristband detected his sphere from outer space.

The guys ask Wang Ling when he’ll show them his true power – but they can’t stop themselves from laughing, so no danger there. Sun Rong doesn’t find the situation funny. As they take their leave, Guo Hao mumbles about hacking into the system to edit his score.

Later at Guo Hao’s house, Wang Ling asks him to work some tech magic on the Cultivation Council School league system. Similar hacking at School 59 is also taking place. They search for Wang Ling’s true score, but to no avail.

Guo Hao’s clumsy thumbs alert the system and everyone heads for the hills before detection. But before he exits, while Guo Hao doesn’t manage to change Wang Ling’s score, he does add his parrot to the rankings. To guffaws from his classmates, Birdy 2 replaces School 59’s top ranking Liang Zheng. That doesn’t go down too well.

The Episode Review

Lots of funny bits in this episode as Wang Ling tries to keep things way, way low however unsuccessfully. Whether the special healing chamber (so very Michael Jackson) increased his capability or as noted, he just hadn’t had a chance to prepare, he once again breaks the system, much like in the first episode.

Sun Rong looks annoyed but is it about Wang Ling being teased by the guys? Or because he takes the test when she advises against it? Or that, even listed as null, he outranks her?

There are several references to Japanese anime that we can only imagine are favourites of the author, such as the visual of Chen Chao and Guo Hao dressed as characters from Dragon Ball Z or the poster in Guo Hao’s room. During the hacking scene did you catch the nod to Hello World? It’s a sci-fi anime about a man who travels back in time to his high school years to correct a bad decision. Hmm.

Much to enjoy as the unruffled king of avoidance, Wang Ling continues to shroud his skills in the most creative of ways.

Meanwhile, who’s mother would have let that go on for 10 whole school days? Surely not mine…


We’re enjoying tumbling the meaning of each episode title. B++ seems to be a play on code – and perhaps being above average. Anyone have any other ideas? If so, just add ‘em in below!

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