The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Three Brothers of Shadow Stream

Episode 5 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) sees the rabbit-faced assassins get their comeuppance from the leader of the Shadow Faction. New members of the gang are deployed.

The Social Faction leader tracks Sun Rong and eyes her following Wang Ling but, like most, believes he’s harmless. Guo Hao and Chen Chao are keen to hear about Wang Ling’s date and notice Sun Rong’s gaggle of bodyguards.

Administrator Wang admits they’re there to protect against the previous day’s assassins but Sun Rong hadn’t noticed any. Zhou Yi steps in to claim he stopped them before she could notice, as instructed by Wang Ling on scene.

The spying Social Faction leader hears it was Zhou Yi who stopped her team. Zhuo Yi explains the operation: protect Sun Rong. He has several teams on standby, including Seven-Star Squad guarding from the air.

One master assassin, Xu Feng of Shadow Stream, manages to get into the school, killing guards with chicken hammers as he goes. Gathered in the office for safety, Zhou Yi spots him on camera and stops him. The kids hardly react as they’re attached to their phones spilling the detail in group chats.

On social, Chen Chao and Sun Rong both claim they’ll protect Wang Ling as the Administrator reminds them to keep it on the down low. Uh-huh.

The next assassin, Xu Ying, knocks out the Golden Pill elite guards with a toxic gas, but Administrator Wang gets to him. The third assassin, Xu Jian, finds his way in as the others distract the protectors. Zhou Yi keeps watch on screen.

Administrator Wang is able to avoid Xu Ying’s traps but as Xu Ying escapes and sprints towards the office, it’s Wang Ling who knocks him out by simply opening the door. In the yard, Xu Feng defeats the team but has his essence secretly taken by Froggy 2. This, of course, allows him to turn back into Giant Frog – at least in his head.

Assassin Xu Jian, cloaked in invisibility, prepares to fight as Wang Ling walks past him to receive a delivery. The Immortals first scan it for trouble. As this is happening around him, Xu Jian thinks he’s in the clear. But Wang Ling confirms he knows he’s there and that he’s accidently knocked out his friend. Uh-oh.

Xu Jian hits him with his now fully-charged hammer but it lands Wang Ling like an egg on a rock, completely backfiring. Wang Ling crunches his dry noodles as he drags Xu Jian away. He then uses 50% on Zhou Yi, instructing him to say it was he who defeated the fighter.

The kids find Zhou Yi with a knocked-out Wang Ling as the news reports another defeat for the assassins.

The Episode Review

This episode gets a little messy with odd assassins running around. The name Social Faction alone indicates some sort of political affiliation but we’ve not yet figured out where the rabbit faces come in. Anyone?

It stands out that even though the whole school thinks Wang Ling has no power and he certainly doesn’t exert himself in the sociability department, he’s managed to find at least three people – four if you count Zhou Yi – (and possibly one frog-dog) who’ve decided to befriend him.

While some of the other kids in the school are probably more interested in his affiliation with Song Rong, she, Chen Chao, Guo Hao have found their own reasons to stick around.

It’s not going to be easy to ditch any of them, even if Wang Ling erases their memories. They’ve already decided, same with Froggy 2. Although they were enemies during the lab incident, Froggy still tipped Wang Ling about the assassins when he could have easily sat back and watched.

So, no matter how he tries to repress it, there’s something about Wang Ling.


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2 thoughts on “The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for watching with us! Agree, the Shadow Faction company holiday party must be quite the thing. Exactly – what are they all doing be-masked together? Perhaps they’re all contractors?? Meanwhile, that Froggy 2 has got his own agenda. I look forward to seeing where he lands in the end, but banking he’ll be on the winning side, whatever that looks like.

    So pleased you’re enjoying the show! Loving your feedback 🙂

  2. Yes the rabbit masks. Funny and somewhat freaky as well. Temporarily made me forget my fear of clowns. Also if it’s just all of the assassins I. A room together do they need to keep their masks on? Wonder what the annual Christmas Party is like 🤔
    Also thanks for bringing back The moment Froggy 2 tipped off Wang Ling. I had completely forgotten about that.

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