Curon – Season 1 Episode 7 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Maze

The sound of rattling chains begins the season 1 finale of Curon as the real Anna tries in vain to escape her prison. Mauro and Daria’s echoing voices are enough to encourage her to reach out, finding something she can use as a lock-pick and starting to break free of her chains.

Meanwhile, the wolf inside the bathroom stirs and begins barking at Thomas. They wrestle, with Thomas gaining the upper-hand and telling the creature to go back to the woods again. Breathing heavily, he whispers “You’re free.” as it slips away.

Karla 2 drags the real Karla out to the woods and buries her, unaware that Albert and Anna happen to be hooking up in his jeep parked nearby. After their sordid ordeal, they head up to a cave where Albert proclaims they’re “going to get the life they deserve.” Inside, the duo creep through the eerily quiet and dark passageways together.

Meanwhile in the cabin, the four kids leave and begin trudging through the snow but when they lose sight of which way to go, they begin to argue amongst themselves until Micki helps guide them out. As they find Albert’s truck, it’s here they realize they’re heading to the Plain of the Dead to kill the real Anna, which links to those early episode scenes of her chained up. Inside the labyrinth however, Anna 2 and Albert arrive and realize Anna has escaped.

As they frantically look around to find where she’s gone, the four kids head in and start searching around, stumbling upon a whole stack of bones on the floor. At the same time, Karla 2 and Thomas stop while heading through the woods and finding Berger and Lukas 2. Realizing they’re up at the Plain of the Dead, Thomas blames himself for what’s happened and the duo begin to drive up there together.

In the tunnels, the kids wind up separated as the labyrinth stretches on. Daria and Mauro both find the different versions of her Mother down separate passageways but the real questions is just who the real one is. They don’t have long to wait though as the two versions of Anna stand side by side in a large, open area.

Albert realizes he’s lost Anna but does run into his kids as Micki and Guilio force him to drop his weapon after suspecting he’s a doppelganger. A shout from behind is enough of a distraction for them to let their guard down and lose their upper-hand as Albert marches them in the direction of the cries. Albert arrives with the gun and turns his attention on both versions of Anna. Eventually he makes his choice and kills the real Anna… before turning the gun on himself and firing.

Mauro sees this take place and rushes out, desperate to find Anna 2 while Daria tries in vain to follow after. At the same time, Thomas starts to climb up the mountainside. Mauro senses what’s up and tells Daria to let the shadow go. Eventually she does and watches as she falls to her doom.

Inside the caves, Klara 2 embraces her children as they sit weeping over the death of her Father. Klara exhibits a fair amount of disdain toward Anna’s body as she passes though and soon after, they all head down the mountain together, stopping momentarily on the road as a wolf crosses their path.

In the aftermath of what’s happened, Micki and Guilio realize that they’re children of the doppelganger Albert and it’s all too much for Micki to handle as she doubles over and clutches her head. At the same time, Lukas’ body is taken back to his Father, courtesy of the priest, who informs the curse has been unleashed and they need to prepare for what’s coming. As the words echo across establishing shots of Curon, both Micki and Daria find themselves suffering from extreme headaches. The bells toll and over the frozen lake, the two doppelgangers begin to stir, which is where the episode ends.

Well, we’ve been given the trademark Netflix cliffhanger with this one and barely any answers in the process. The death and birth of doppelgangers is certainly confused by Klara coming back to life without a scratch so is it safe to assume that doppelgangers can come back if their original host lives? If this theory does ring true and Shadows are immortal unless the host is killed, wouldn’t they just keep them locked up somewhere like Anna did rather than killing them off? What is so special about Anna like Thomas mentioned? And what happened in the past that rattled this town so much?

Why was the town flooded? What significance do the candles have outside houses? Why all the religious symbology? And will we ever get any answers to these questions?

There’s a lot still to answer and the biggest problem Curon has actually lies with its marketing. Why was this branded as the Italian version of Dark? With only a single episode down the show certainly exhibits some similar traits but the two shows branch out and have nothing really in common. No disrespect to Curon of course and the story itself is interesting enough that you want to find out answers to these questions so you’ll at least make it to the end of this first season.

 It’s just frustrating that we haven’t actually received any definitive answers at the end beyond a climactic showdown. Perhaps the biggest question of all then comes from whether Curon can conjure up enough interest from fans to get the green-light for a renewal or not. Until then, Curon ends with a frustrating whimper rather than a triumphant roar.


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