Curon – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Wolves

Episode 6 of Curon begins with Anna’s doppelganger forcing the real Anna to pack her things up and move. As they drive, Anna 2 realizes that she’s trying to use her phone and subsequently crashes the car, throwing the phone away and taking her to the cabin. There, she begins cutting her hair to look exactly like Anna. As Anna 2 threatens her counterpart, Anna demands she reveal everything she knows about the kids.

Back in the present, Daria and Mauro look to leave in the morning but Anna 2 immediately suspects something up. Mauro instead calls her bluff and takes her upstairs, encouraging the imposter to look out the window. Only, in doing so he locks her in the room and demands to know where his rea Mother is. Getting nowhere, the siblings decide to leave.

At the same time, Micke and Guilio also leave after a strange encounter with their Mother. Snatching up the gun for themselves, they leave while Karla? admits that “she’s coming soon” and she can feel it’s going to change. Albert embraces her and promises things will be okay, desperate to get his rifle to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Matteo calls the priest after what happened with the cat. He sits with Lukas and tries to reason with him but the madness in Lukas’ eyes when he mentions fires rising certainly causes him to feel uneasy.

Thomas returns home and hears Anna banging on the door. He eventually heads in and speaks to this doppelganger, asking where Anna is. Thomas admits to loving her and looking after her all these years but refuses to cave. Heading downstairs, he phones his friend who gives him some encouraging words,agreeing to go searching for the twins while he deals with Anna 2 and tries to get her to reveal the truth.

The four kids walk through the woods but when Micki winds up missing, a call for help pierces the air and sends them running after her. At the same time, Klara’s doppelganger arrives at the house but Albert traps her, grabbing the girl by the throat and killing her. In the aftermath of this, Albert admits that he doesn’t love her and now Anna has returned, he has to go to her.

Meanwhile, the assailant in the woods happens to be Lukas who waits for the kids to arrive and holds them all up at gunpoint. Lighting a fire, he douses the ground with petrol but becomes distracted when something stirs in the shadows. It’s Berger and despite saving the kids from their fate, receives a gunshot to the stomach for his troubles. Thankfully, Lukas’ shadow also dies in the ensuing skirmish.

Back at the hotel, Albert returns and saves Anna 2 from being tortured by Thomas and agrees to stand by her side. At the same time, Klara 2 awakens from her ordeal and promises Klara that her suffering is over.

While Guilio and Daria hook up in the cabin, Anna 2 leads a wolf into the locked room where they’re keeping Thomas. At the same time, a pack outside gathers around Berger and Lukas’ bodies.

As the episode closes out, we’re no closer to finding out exactly what’s happening in regards to the bells ringing and why some people have heard it and others haven’t. The mystery is interesting enough to keep watching and there’s certainly some intriguing recurring imagery regarding the wolves too. Complicating matters is the subject of death with these shadows and it seems that the shadows are invincible if the original host is still alive – at least that’s my interpretation. This hasn’t been fully explained though so hopefully the finale sheds some light on this.

It’s always difficult to maintain intrigue with a series like this and Curon has certainly been far from perfect, especially with its numerous questions still to be answered. It’s been an enjoyable ride though so let’s hope the finale ends things with a bang!


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