Crash Landing On You – Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Revealed Truth

After a week’s hiatus, Crash Landing On You finally returns with a new episode and the drama certainly didn’t disappoint. After 7 episodes, it has managed to stay consistent when it comes to its different stories, characters and great chemistry between them. I’m still intrigued to see how everything will unfold as our two protagonists find themselves in a very complicated situation the closer they grow toward one another.

We begin episode 7 of Crash Landing On You with Jeong-Hyeok and Gwang-Beom getting shot while trying to save Se-Ri. Gwang-Beom wants to drive her to the airport but Se-Ri refuses and decides to take the keys to drive to the hospital as she fears for Jeong’s life. They finally arrive and when the doctors look at Jeong, they see that he is losing a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. Unfortunately, they don’t have a blood bank so Se-Ri offers to give him hers despite Gwang telling her she will not make her plane.

After waiting a while, Se-Ri finds out that the surgery was successful so she stays by his bedside, realizing he has become special to her while we see Cho wondering what happened during the accident and where Captain Ri is.

We then see a flashback of Jeong-Hyeok playing piano at a concert just before receiving the news of his brother’s death. While preparing to leave, he plays his piano one last time for a little girl by the harbour. As we cut back to the present, he wakes up and gets upset when he sees Se-Ri there because they have all risked their lives in order for her to leave. Thinking it is the anesthetics talking, she leaves him alone. After Jeong-Hyeok finds out that Se-Ri saved him by giving him blood, he goes after her to apologise. She tells him that she wants to go home but this time, wants to protect him too which prompts him to finally kiss her.

The next day in hospital, Se-Ri and Jeong-Hyeok speak about the night before and what to do about it while she sews a hole in his uniform. She suggests ignoring it ever happened or to just be cool about it. After they both decide to go for the second option, she leaves his room and finds the rest of the soldiers in the hallway. They tell her they’re glad they’re both okay as they were all worried, even Pyo (which he denies of course!)

Back in the village, Seo-Dan heads to see her fiancee but just as she realises that he isn’t home, she comes face to face with Seung-Jung who invites her to wait in his car. They later have noodles together where he gives her relationship advice before we cut back to the hospital where Se-Ri decides to sleep there again.

After calling all the hospitals around the area, Cho finally finds out where Jeong-Hyeok is. Arriving in his room, Cho confronts him about the weapons he took. Jeong-Hyeok then admits to shooting another soldier as he was trying to cause an accident. Just as Cho is about to arrest him for his involvement with Se-Ri, Jeong-Hyeok’s father arrives and stops him. He berates him for his actions before Seo-Dan and her mother arrive, having just found out about his injury.

Se-Ri calls Seung-Jung to ask if he has spoken to her family. He then decides to pick her up while Seo-Dan confronts Jeong-Hyeok about Se-Ri. He finally admits his feelings for her and reveals that he doesn’t think he can marry her. However, she tells him that Se-Ri is leaving soon and that the date is set.

Seung-Jung takes Se-Ri to his mansion where he lies about speaking to her family. He tells he that they were relieved to hear she was okay and wanted to make sure she doesn’t do anything reckless to get back to South Korea. In South Korea however, Se-Ri’s family gather for the shareholder’s meeting. Her father address the assembly and reveals that his daughter has been missing for a month now so they have decided to register her as dead. The shareholders vote for the new CEO and the winner is Se-Hyeong, who will be the one taking over the company.

Back in the North, Seo-Dan and her mum decide to go and choose a wedding dress. In the shop, Seo-Dan accidentally come across a picture of Se-Ri in one of the wedding magazines the shop owner has managed to get from the south. Worried about Se-Ri, Jeong-Hyeok manages to track her down to Seung-Jung’s address. He decides to leave the hospital to find her but is stopped when he comes face to face with Seo-Dan who confronts him about the identity of Se-Ri. He then reveals the truth about her while Seung-Jung asks Se-Ri to stay with him and to leave Jeong-Hyeok as she is putting him in danger.

The epilogue shows us a flashback of Se-Ri meeting with her date and deciding to play a tune on the piano she heard a while back to see if he could recognize it as she hasn’t been able to find out what it is. She tells him she heard it when she was in Switzerland a few years ago as we see that she was on a boat hearing the music when Jeong-Hyeok was playing the song he wrote for his brother where we leave the episode.

At the moment, two of my favourite weekly dramas fall on the same days of the week: Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and Crash Landing On You. While the first one took quite a few weeks to grow on me, I was hooked on Crash Landing after its first episode. It’s easy to see why too. The drama has remained constant each week with enough humorous, tense and thrilling scenes to keep things engaging. Although the episodes are quite long, there’s enough drama here to keep things feeling pacey and the past connections between Se-Ri and Jeong-Hyeok, and how neither of them realize they have met before, is really well done.

Our two protagonists are getting closer to each other but with Seo-Dan now knowing the truth, the danger is even bigger for our main couple. Just what will happen next is bound to be dramatic and enjoyable as this drama is set to be one of the better ones this year.


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