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What do you think makes a Michelin star meal – the fancy ingredients or the skills of the cook? Well, wonder no more because Netflix’s new cooking competition show has the answers.

Cook At All Cost is the latest Canadian competition that invites three home cooks into the studio and gives them a chance to win $25,000. However, it is not easy as you might think as these cooks need to use more than their cooking skills to get that cheddar.

The catch of the show is that the cooks have to bet on the ingredients in three boxes. The first box known as the “Spend” box has the best high-end ingredients. The second box is the “Save” box which has the average ingredients you can get at the supermarket. The last one is the “ Surprise” box which has surprise ingredients.

The three cooks have $25,000 in their respective banks and for their first meal, they have to bid on the boxes. The winner of the first round gets the pleasure (or the pain) of assigning boxes to the other contestants. The boxes come with fixed rates and woe unto the one who gets the one with the highest price!

The show is hosted by Jordan Andino who is a culinary expert and beloved TV personality. He was the right choice to host this show. He not only gets the cooks excited and anxious during the auction but he ropes viewers in as well. While watching, you will find yourself sucked in by his energy and the fun of a blind bid.

The cooks are judged by a special guest judge who is also the mastermind of creating the boxes. They know what ingredients can make or break the contestants’ meals and they send it for blind bidding through a large conveyor-belt contraption. This is a fun idea and it works pretty well in truth. In the end, the guest judge chooses the best meal of the second round. The winner walks away with whatever amount of cash is left in their bank account.

If you thought things are getting expensive, you will be shocked at what eggs can cost on this show. The winner might not end up with much after it is all set and done!

I loved that the guest judges don’t interact with the contestants until the final choice is made. They get to judge what is on the plate without seeing the technique that went into it. This is one of the few things that are different in this cooking show.

We also get a new set of cooks in each episode and they have different takes on how much they will bid. This makes every episode fun to watch because you never know what strategy each cook will utilize.

If you love food and competition this is the show for you. It is a perfect mixture of storage wars and Chopped with a Canadian flair.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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