Control Z – Season 2 Episode 6 “A Minute Of Silence” Recap & Review

A Minute Of Silence

Episode 6 of Control Z Season 2 begins with another video from the avenger. Raul’s attack – and his money being stolen – are a direct consequence of the kids not bringing them Gerry. However, it’s also followed up by a message about justice for Luis too. Is this a clue for who the next victim will be?

Anyway, Sofia finds an arrest warrant for her Father, backing up the story about why he’s behind bars. Sofi has bigger problems to deal with right now though.

The moments of her and Raul at the club have spread around school, courtesy of a video from Pablo, with all the other students acting more hostile toward her than usual. This circles around to Susana too, who brings her and Raul in for questioning. They reassure her that this is just Pablo but as Susana mentions Quintanilla’s dismissal, Sofia realizes that he’s the next victim.

Meanwhile, Nat makes a big decision and decides to take the dive and go on another date. This guy encourages her to meet him at a hotel. She’s going alone this time and without back-up from Maria.

When Nat comes face to face with this guy, his picture is very different from that of the app. Despite his creepy promise of more gifts for her, Nat’s red flag indicator starts to blink and she hurries away.

Back at school, all the students are in unison as they prepare to send off Quintanilla. Before he visits the assembly hall, Quintanilla takes a sip from a drink which appears to have been spiked. He hurries off to the toilets, but in the stall next to him happens to be the avenger.

Sofi races up to the lounge while this is going on, and finds writing under the cup Quintanilla was drinking from. “Your spring will be cut short.”

As Sofi races down to the toilets, the avenger throws a bees nest into Quintanilla’s stall. He scrambles out but finds the toilets locked with a padlock. Eventually the teachers and students scramble to get it unlocked. Quintanilla is understandably shook up and lashes out at all the kids.

Meanwhile, Felipe finds out the truth about Gerry. Realizing that he’s a wanted fugitive – and believing they were just screwing so he could hide from the police – Gerry is forced out onto the street.

Elsewhere, Maria meets Gio again and admits the truth about what’s happening with the money and her sister. It doesn’t really get her far, but she at least has a clean conscience now.

Maria eventually heads back to see Claudia, breaking the news about Natalia and how worried she is for her. As the pair talk, Maria leans forward and kisses Claudia.

Sofi and Raul continue to work together. This time, they turn their attention back to Luis and believe the clues may well be hidden at his. Specifically, within his numerous drawings.

After talking to Marta, Sofi finds an opportune time to sneak up to his room. With Raul playing ‘Knock, Knock, Ginger’ to buy them more time, Sofi manages to throw the sketchbook out the window. Thankfully Raul manages to snatch them up before anyone else can.

In the street, the pair look over the sketches and notice they eerily mirror all the punishments we’ve been seeing so far. The avenger seems to be fulfilling Luis’ wishes. The final sketch however, shows a group of figures strung up together and hung for their crimes. Who are the next victims?

The Episode Review

It seems whoever this avenger is they’re carrying out Luis’ wishes and gaining revenge on those who have wronged him. As I said in the previous recap, this could well be linked back to Luis still being alive. That’s just a theory right now though, given these recaps are written with no prior knowledge of what happens next.

Either way, this episode sees some movement on our plot as Raul and Sofi circle back to Luis. The investigative work is still a bit silly and really, really obvious, but it’s enticing enough to stick with for the time being.

It does seem like Natalia’s subplot is building up to something big, especially given the amount of screen-time dedicated to this. By comparison, Ernesto and Dario’s has just completely fizzled out. What even was the point in this whole threesome thing?

Anyway, the ending certainly sets up an enticing few episodes to finish this series out with. Will we end on another dreaded Netflix cliffhanger again?

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