Control Z – Season 2 Episode 5 “New Pleasures” Recap & Review

New Pleasures

Episode 5 of Control Z Season 2 begins over at Raul’s place. Gerry is gone but Sofi deduces that he actually head out on a date. Given the soap and razor in the shower, she instantly sees this as a sign of dating. She also figures out he’s set up a new Insta account too.

Using this, Sofi tracks his GPS location to a massive club called Lust. Given the avenger is also after him, it really is a race against time. While Sofi and Raul head inside, Pablo also rocks up on the scene and decides to head in. Just before he does, he snaps a photo of Raul and Sofi together, sending it over to Javi.

Meanwhile, Nat and Maria decide to team up and work together. Maria promises that she’ll be there for her, as the two lovingly embrace. Together, they set up a new alias under the name of Rosita Berry.

The girls get a match immediately with a guy called Gio. He wastes absolutely no time deciding to go for dinner. While there, Gio points out how young Nat is, even commenting how he has a daughter about her age. Ugh. This understandably freaks her out and Nat hurries away.

Elsewhere, Alex tries to calm down Gabi, who’s acting erratically after losing her passport.

Back at the club, Sofi and Raul run into Gerry at the bar and demand an explanation. While they corner him, Pablo shows up and grabs Raul, smacking him in the face and calling him out for harboring a murderer. Unfortunately this scuffle gives Gerry enough time to slip away.

Raul races after him though and the pair talk in the alley. Despite promising to keep him safe, Raul has obviously done a pretty bad job of it. After handing over some money and hugging goodbye, Gerry slips away into the night.

He immediately heads over to Felipe’s place instead. It doesn’t take long before he’s invited inside.

Elsewhere, Javi heads over to see Nat after learning that Sofi and Raul have been spending more time together. He’s annoyed that Sofi hasn’t been “keeping her promise”. While they begin kissing, Raul and Sofi also hook up again too. And just to add a third entwined romantic angle into this montage, Pipe and Gerry end up having sex.

As the montage ends, we cut across to Dario and Ernesto with Rosita. Dario fails to *ahem* rise to the occasion and he takes off to the bathroom. It’s pretty cruel but Rosita’s laughter can be heard in the background.

Meanwhile, Raul admits to Sofi that he was the one who convinced Gerry to stay over at his place. He’s also the one responsible for getting rid of the gun too. Despite telling Sofi he’s not going to lie anymore, he keeps the affair between Susana and Quintanilla a secret.

Sofi heads off for a shower which gives the avenger just the opportunity needed to grab Raul and taser him into submission. He forces Raul to open the safe. Inside are stacks of cash, which the avenger grabs and takes off with.

When Sofi finally decides to show up, she finds Raul knocked out on the ground and no avenger in sight.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. So it now becomes clear that Raul is not the killer this time around. To be fair, we were told earlier in the show but this reviewer still had his doubts. Unless there’s two people involved, the attack here hints that we’ve got another person as the avenger. Could it be Luis? I know he died in hospital but hey, crazier things have happened!

For now though, episode 5 sees more of Sofi’s amazing investigative skills (Gerry having a shower and shaving = a date?) along with a lot of misunderstandings compounding in various different romances circling around.

Some of this works quite well but the threesome angle with Ernesto and Dario, along with Gerry’s subplot involving Felipe, just don’t add anything to the narrative. At least, not for now anyway.

Either way, Control Z has been an okay follow-up but much like the first, there are a lot of contrivances to be had here.

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  1. Just want to point out that “Gio” is Javi’s father and he doesn’t comment on having a daughter Natalia’s age. He says he has a son her age.

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