Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of A Womanace

At the beginning of episode 8 of Cold Blooded Intern, Hae-ra, So-jin, and Seung-ju find out that they are needed to embark on an overnight business trip. It appears that Jae-seob is envious that they have the opportunity to go while he does not. Following this, he initiates his own personal plans with In-wook.

Later on that day, Hae-ra shares the news with Yi-young about her upcoming work trip. As a consequence of this, she is overjoyed that her mother will not be following up with her all the time. Not long after that, Hae-ra approaches Su-pyo and asks him to watch over Yi-young while she is away on a trip. Su-pyo agrees to do so.

During the business trip, the trio ends up completing their tasks earlier than expected, giving them more time to spend together. Even though Seung-ju tends to keep to herself, she eventually opens up regarding how she feels about Hae-ra after she has had a few drinks. Hae-ra then goes on to explain her predicament, which, it would appear, helps Seung-ju get a more positive opinion of Hae-ra as a person.

While this is going on, Su-pyo is contemplating how he would like his professional life to progress. We realize that he has a passion for real estate and that he even passed the first exam with minimal effort. However, he believes that it is too late to continue down that road at this point in time.

Back at Market House, Seo-jun has just started working for the company, yet he is already being considered a better candidate for the management post than Ji-won. Because of this, Ji-won’s standing is put in jeopardy. To further complicate matters, they have interacted with each other in the past. However, despite his best efforts to engage in conversation with her, Ji-won continues to push him away.

After the trio come back from their business trip, Jae-seob tells them about Seo-jun and how he could be able to take Ji-won’s place. This information both terrifies Hae-ra and So-jin and brings them some relief. Despite this, they conclude that the best approach to overcome any challenges that may arise is to work with one another.

Su-pyo updates Hae-ra on his job interview for a sales position when she returns home from work. Not long after that, Hae-ra comes across Su-pyo’s book on real estate, and she quickly learns how deeply he cares about the subject. Following this, she offers to drive him for the interview.

During the ride, Hae-ra and Su-pyo have a conversation about his interests. She reassures him that she will take care of managing money. She encourages him to give his full attention to his studies. After some initial reluctance, Su-pyo ultimately decides to give his passion a go after Hae-ra’s insistence on the matter.

The Episode Review

The humorous work trip scenes in this episode make for a great watch. It was refreshing to see the trio relax and open up to one another. The connection between Hae-ra and Su-pyo is also given more nuance in this episode. It was heartwarming to see Hae-ra persuade her spouse to pursue his dream.

At the end of the episode, Hae-ra declares that she is the breadwinner of the family and that she will do whatever it takes to advance in her career. The way the plot unfolds moving forward will be intriguing to watch.

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