Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of The Underdog

Episode 7 of Cold Blooded Intern focuses on Hae-ra as she makes her way back to Market House to resume her job. When she walks in to greet her coworkers, a majority of them are overjoyed to see her. On the other hand, Seung-ju gives off the impression that she is not interested because she is aware of Hae-ra’s previous arrangement with Ji-won.

Jung-hwan, who is in charge of the Marketplace, requests to speak with Hae-ra. Following this, he makes arrangements for an interview in which Hae-ra would be questioned about how much she appreciates the efforts the corporation has made to make her life simpler. They do this in order to benefit financially from her recent rise to fame in the media.

In the meantime, So-jin and Seung-ju are informed that they will be required to attend a business meeting with a chef. Both of the young women are targets of the chef’s exceedingly impolite behaviour. It just so happens that he isn’t pleased with the fact that the company will receive a larger percentage of the profits from the deal than he will.

As a consequence of this, Seung-ju and then later So-jin take a stand against him. As an immediate consequence of this, the chef decides to lodge a complaint with Marketplace regarding the two of them.

During the course of the interview, Hae-ra gives the impression that she is uncomfortable making statements that are patently untrue. On the other hand, it seems as though Ji-won is unaffected. Following the interview, Ji-won and Hae-ra have a talk in which Ji-won advises Hae-ra to stop pretending to be a decent person. Hae-ra listens intently to Ji-won’s advice. She tells her to quit obsessing over how virtuous she seems all the time.

While all is going on, Su-pyo is mulling over the possibility of starting a second job. Due to his injury, he is unable to deliver, and the compensation for being a chauffeur is not very high. As a consequence of this, he decides to experiment with the process of content creation. However, he ends up dislocating his shoulder as well as his jaw in the end.

During the evening hours of the same day, Hae-ra learns that So-jin went to apologise to the cook by herself. Worried that the chef will misbehave, she rushes to help So-Jin.

On arriving at the spot, she is greeted by So-jin, who informs her that everything went fine. In the aftermath of this, they both articulate how they are feeling, and Hae-ra offers her apology to So-jin. At this moment, it appears that So-jin and Hae-ra have improved their bond with one another. Not much later, Seung-ju also walks in to check on So-jin and make sure she’s okay.

When Hae-ra finds out later that night that Su-pyo is being treated at the hospital, she does not waste any time in getting there. After this, he proceeds to explain to her that the reason he did it was because he was concerned about earning less money. As a consequence of this, she comforts him, and things between the two of them appear to be going well.

The Episode Review

Hae-ra’s return to Market House is the episode’s central plot point. The company then tries to make money off of her. When Su-pyo attempts to increase his earnings, he hurts himself in the process. Additionally, Hae-ra and So-jin’s friendship seems to be doing better.

In particular, Hae-ra’s character arc is developed well in this episode. She goes from being a woman with little emotion to showing genuine warmth and affection. The plotline involving her connection with So-jin is also quite touching.

Ji-won’s character arc is further explored in this episode. We witness her pushing away anyone who attempts to get close to her. In addition, she projects a cruel demeanour, but we can’t be sure that’s an act. Her character evolution as the episodes proceed should be really intriguing to watch.

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