Classroom For Heroes – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Sophie Series (Part 2)

Episode 12 of Classroom for Heroes begins with the students confronting His Majesty on the disappearance of Sophie. Earnest lashes out at His Majesty for letting her leave, but Blade points out the fact that he isn’t happy about it himself. The students decide to leave at dawn to help Sophie despite knowing she left with the intention of keeping them safe.

How do the students plan to help Sophie?

The next morning, Blade decides to go in search of Sophie and is surprised to see everyone there with the same intent. The group reaches the abandoned warehouse and spots Sophie.

Why did Sophie leave Rosewood Academy?

They confront her about her leaving, upon which she explains the creation of the Artificial Great Heroes and that a person had continued the project despite it being officially closed. She confesses that her past has caught up and that she should return to where she came from. Earnest and Blade comfort her and pledge to help her save the other Artificial Great Heroes.

The scene switches to the Artificial Heroes as they seek advice from an old scientist, and Une receives an invitation from the group, inviting them to fight Blade.

How does Blade win the fight against the Artificial Great Heroes?

Blade arrives in the middle of the arena, ready to battle, while his friends gather in the stands. Just then, the Artificial Great Heroes arrive to fight Blade. They engage in a 1v5 against him and take the upper hand. Earnest feels the urge to help Blade but is held back by Sophie.

The Artificial Great Heroes then begin using their special powers to attack Blade. Just then Blade’s friends toss him capsules to insert in his sword, allowing him to counter their special attacks. The Artificial Heroes fall after using their special attacks. The third Hero manages to shatter Blade’s sword before falling.

This leaves Blade vulnerable to the attacks of the remaining heroes. Sophie swoops in to save him from their attacks, allowing Blade to counter the remaining two heroes.

Does Blade revive the Artificial Great Heroes?

Just then, the sun rises, causing the last remaining hero to collapse. She claims her days are limited to 14. Blade begins to look for ways to save them. They check if the creator is able to extend their lifespan but find the creator has been dead even before they could be deployed. Eliezer apologizes, as his science cannot do anything to revive them in the limited time.

Sophie requests Blade gather all her sisters and claims there is one way to keep them alive. The last hero uses her artificial hero ability, allowing Blade to take control and transfer their consciousness to Sophie.

The next day, Blade wakes up in the hospital and has Une visit him through Sophie. She swears to defeat him after he recovers. She switches back to Sophie, and she thanks him for his sacrifice.

The scene changes to a dragon fighting the students in the arena but failing to take it down. Just then, Blade swoops in, defeating it with one blow.

The Episode Review

The episode marks the end of the first season of Classroom for Heroes. Unfortunately, the season doesn’t have an ultimate goal leaving the ending very anti-climactic. The anime fails to add depth to most characters, leaving them redundant. 

All this would still be alright if the anime was aimed at a younger audience; however, the anime actively bombards viewers with inappropriate scenes. The audio and visuals of the anime are amazing. The beginning of the anime showcased a fierce battle fought by The Great Hero, but unfortunately, all expectations are crushed by the shallow storyline.

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