Chucky – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Charles Lee Ray finds himself in a White House full of ghosts, like the people he killed and Abraham Lincoln. Then, he enters the Oval Office to see the paintings turned into him and the president is a Chucky. However, that’s actually Damballa presenting himself as the one Charles respects the most, meaning, himself.

Damballa meets with everyone before deciding where they’ll go to make it more personal. The entity decides to put Charles in Hell, as he is a traitor and all of his recent kills seem a bit effortless. Still, Chucky manages to convince him that he deserves one final chance. So, the god allows the killer to return to the real White House as a ghost.

Warren tells Randall he will announce, pretending to be the President, that he has brain cancer and will give his pot to Spencer. Charlotte refuses the idea, but the CIA agent doesn’t care and commands her to prepare her sons.

At the same time, Lexy, Grant, Jake, and Devon are locked in a room. Two guards call Grant, as he has to meet his mom. He accepts and tells everyone he’ll help them somehow. Charlotte says she’ll explain everything to him and that everything is going to be okay. His brother seems to be suffering from shock, but actually, Charles Lee Ray’s ghost is haunting him.

At the prison, Tiffany complains she’ll be executed today and she still isn’t free. She demands Erica, one of the guards, get her something from the sniper out front. Unfortunately, the woman follows him home only to be run over, ruining the plan.

Meanwhile, the ghost specialists finally arrive at the White House. Timmy, a gifted psychic, feels a strange presence and even sees Chucky in his old doll form there. When Warren asks him for new information, the young man tells him the president’s family is trying to escape the place.

Charlotte and Henry enter the car to escape with Coop. However, Grant wants to stay behind to save his friends. He closes the door, sending Coop off, and goes back to the White House with Hicks. They easily free the others, but Warren, who’s waiting for them, asks for their help.

Dr. Carol Lindstrom, who works with Timmy, is trying to listen to the dead. She gets a signal from Grant’s father; he’s in agony and saying there’s blood everywhere. At the same time, Randall finishes his speech and Warren prepares a lethal injection to kill him. As the double runs away, a guard goes after him, and they end up stuck inside the same elevator. However, Chucky interrupts their fight by filling the place with blood, making them drown.

Upon seeing that, Timmy decides it’s time to do a seance. Warren, the kids, the ghost specialist, the new president, and the press secretary hold hands and wait for Chucky to contact them through Timmy. Then, the killer says he has unfinished business: Jake, Devon, and Lexy. He obviously doesn’t want peace and only cares about killing more people.

Of course, he doesn’t waste that chance. Chucky makes the sprinklers pour blood down and throws a sound box on the floor. That electrocutes Carol, the president, and the press secretary. But, before disappearing again, he shows his middle finger to Jake to get one last laugh.

Still, Jake has an idea of how to beat Chucky, although it’s very dangerous. He’ll go to the Spirit Realm and get him to talk about where Caroline is. Everyone is against it, but he insists, and Timmy tells him how to kill the doll forever. He needs to find and convince Good Chucky to sacrifice himself.

As Tiffany is about to receive her lethal injection, Nica calls her and gives a message from Gigi. They want her to know she is the best mother ever and they love her a lot. But Nica can’t waste her chance to say she knows who Tifanny really is and that she’ll go to hell.

Warren has a drug that’ll stop Jake’s heart for five minutes and one that’ll revive him. If they take any longer than that, he might get serious brain damage. As Jake and Tiffany receive their injections, the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Chucky is amazing as a doll, but it’s kind of gratifying seeing him as a ghost and unleashing his whole supernatural potential. This season has seemed to be marching towards being even crazier for a while now, and it finally got it. Honestly, after the exorcism and the split-personality Chuckys, this feels more natural than returning to just him with a knife.

Also, there have been many death flags around the main characters, mostly Jake and Devon. So the stakes seem high this time. Not to mention, Tiffany might die for real (or we’ll get a completely crazy explanation, which might be even better). Seeing both Jake and her taking their injections simultaneously in the end was a great touch.

Obviously, Chucky will continue in some way. There are already plans for a movie and a fourth season (although it hasn’t been confirmed yet). So it’ll be exciting to see how the next episode might change the franchise.

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