Chucky – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Henry enters his room to see Chucky in a wheelchair and gets sad to see his “brother” dying again. The doll tells him that what matters is leaving a mark. The boy doesn’t understand it, but the little killer plans on doing something so unprecedented everyone will remember his name.

Later, we find Charlotte, miserable, while Agent Pryce examines her husband’s corpse. Suddenly, the ghost starts writing on the walls with blood. It says “Chucky did it.”

When strange people start coming into the room and taking everything away, she snaps. Charlotte knows she must find somewhere safe for her and the children, so she wakes them up. However, the CIA agent doesn’t let her leave. To him, that matter is bigger than anything, so he can’t risk her telling about it to anyone.

The next day, her sons seem a bit confused, but they don’t suspect anything. When she tries to appeal to Warren, he still says she can’t leave and that it’s all her fault. She was the one who wanted to hide what was happening from everyone. But he still has one more terrible surprise for her: Randal Jenkins, her husband’s double.

Meanwhile, Devon, Lexy, and Jake arrive at the White House for their movie night. Grant and Lexy bond over a song, but Charlotte interrupts them when they are about to kiss. She tries to have dinner with the kids, but she sees Agent Pryce doing something and goes to check on him.

He has brought Randal to the White House and ordered guards to bring machines to make reporters believe the President is sick. Charlotte gets angry but holds it in. In the end, she only tells the double to never leave his room. Randal tries to talk to her excitedly about how he likes politics, but she leaves him alone.

The kids take advantage of Charlotte not being there to tell Grant about Chucky. He obviously doesn’t believe it, but Lexy convinces him to accompany them. Meanwhile, Chucky and Henry get a gun from the late President’s safe.

Then, they go to Randal’s room. There, Chucky fully gives up on his act and threatens the double with the gun. The double takes the elevator with them, pretending to want to show the situation room to Henry. At the same time, the ghost of Charlotte’s real husband terrorizes her.

When the guard starts asking questions and decides to report where the president is going, Chucky shoots him dead. The doll speeds things up, killing more guards and going to the command room. 

The kids find the dead guard inside the elevator and go to where Chucky is. However, Randal is already going through all the verification steps to send missiles anywhere in the world. So, when they arrive, he has already issued commands to blow up Moscow, Pyongyang, and the North Pole.

Henry manages to open the door to them, but Chucky stops the kids with the gun. Still, when it comes time to send the missiles, the doll becomes distracted. Jake grabs his feet, and Randal gets the gun. Right after that, a guard shoots Chucky, who presses the button to attack the North Pole and turns into dust.

However, there are still problems on the way. Charles Lee Ray’s ghost awaits in the hall and laughs.

The Episode Review

Chucky has, obviously, always been supernatural, but it seems it’s going even harder on that route now. That’s the best thing about the episode and proves something again: for this franchise, the wackier, the better.

The human characters don’t get to do much, especially the kids. Even though they have Grant on their side now, they have less importance in this season in general. That’s a bit unfortunate, as it’s fun to follow their struggles and relationships. Also, it’s strange to think Jake was the protagonist at some point, but now he barely affects the plot.

Still, as with the movies, the best thing about the show is Chucky. If it does the killer doll right, the story will probably keep being fun. It’ll be exciting to see how things will change with him being a ghost now.

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